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Research, Evaluation & Analytics

Research, Evaluation & Analytics

Building evidence to inform action and drive impact.
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Harnessing the power of evidence and discovery to promote more equitable practice and policy.

The programs and policies designed to foster economic advancement need strong data to yield strong results. Bold change requires asking the right questions, collecting the right data, and conducting the right analyses to know what works and how to improve.  

Jobs for the Future’s Research, Evaluation & Analytics team works to create a future where evidence-driven programs and policies empower individuals, transform education and workforce systems, and ensure that everyone has access to quality jobs and meaningful career pathways. 

Key Initiatives

Evaluation Services 
JFF provides insights that shed light on the development, implementation, and impact of programs and policies that support inclusive and equitable economic advancement.

Research to Advance the Field 
Augmenting our technical expertise with deep field experience, JFF offers a unique perspective in research to understand what works and for whom to help individuals achieve their educational and economic goals. 

Labor Market Information 
Through contextualized analysis of real-time and historical labor supply and demand data, JFF brings our unique point of view to identify, elevate, and amplify emerging trends in local and regional economies to promote concrete action and change.

News & Ideas
Black Learners in IT Associate’s Degree and Credential College Programs
Associate’s degrees and credentials in information technology (IT) can open up pathways to high-wage careers with opportunities for economic advancement. But Black learners and workers face structural barriers that limit their ability to access and complete IT programs.
New JFF Research Sheds Light on the Equity Impact of ISAs
Do income share agreements narrow or reinforce systemic inequities? JFF found little evidence of either, but more research is needed.
Technology Internships Prove Flexible, Resilient, and Critical During COVID
This research is about how one community college preserved and strengthened their technology internships during COVID with commitment and creativity.
Featured Projects

Diversity and Equity in Apprenticeships for Young People 

A ten-year analysis of national data on Registered Apprenticeships identified persistent inequities in access and outcomes and occupational segregation among female workers.  

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Building Effective Technology Internships

A three-year study that JFF conducted for the National Science Foundation shows that community college technology internships can be effective bridges to employment for postsecondary students.

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Impact Stories
Report Freedom to Achieve
Finding any job is difficult for formerly incarcerated individuals, but finding a sustainable, family-supporting job is nearly impossible. “Freedom to Achieve” identifies pathways and practices for economic advancement after incarceration.
Report Breaking Ground
In a national landscape analysis of secondary-level trades education, we analyzed data from 37 states to understand what trades education programs are offered, who participates in them, and what outcomes students experience.
May 14, 2020
Report Growing Opportunities in Manufacturing through Bilingual Upskilling
The bilingual GOAL training program provides opportunities for English Language Learners to progress in advanced manufacturing careers.
May 6, 2020

Lisa Soricone Senior Research Director 
Lisa Soricone is a senior director at JFF. She leads the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit and research and evaluation work for initiatives focused on promoting the advancement of learners and workers from low-income backgrounds. Her skills…
Lois Joy Director
Lois Joy is a director in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. She leads projects investigating education and workforce pathways and opportunities for people from underrepresented groups in high-opportunity fields, including Black learners…
Felicia Sullivan Director
Felicia Sullivan is a director in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. She leads research and evaluation workstreams related to workforce credentials, technology-enabled learning, and corporate impact investment strategies. She also brings a…
Sarah Abra Beu Senior Analyst
Sarah Abra Beu is a senior analyst in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. She leads evaluation projects in collaboration with a range of clients seeking to improve career pathways for all learners.…
Tara Smith Director
Tara Smith is a director in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. She leads research and technical assistance activities related to improving education, workforce, and cross-sector initiatives. Her work focuses on helping stakeholders…
Adam Atwell Senior Analyst 
Adam Atwell is a senior analyst in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. He conducts research and evaluation activities, informing practices and policies that promote economic advancement for young people and adults. His…
Hoa Nha Nguyễn Director 
Hoa Nha Nguyễn is a director for the Research, Evaluation & Analytics Unit at JFF. She leads the evaluation workstream for the Verizon Community Forward project, focusing on STEM education, workforce upskilling and reskilling, entrepreneurship,…
Paige Mustain Director
Paige Mustain is a director in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. She directs and manages research and evaluation efforts related to workforce development and education. Her skills and areas of expertise include:…
Umair Tarbhai Senior Analyst
Umair Tarbhai is a senior analyst in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. He manages and conducts research projects related to improving racial and economic equity and transforming policies that create more opportunities…
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The Research, Evaluation & Analytics team is available to conduct rigorous research, evaluation, and labor market information analysis to support evidence-based practices that transform the learn-and-work ecosystem. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with us or support our work, and subscribe for updates.