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Maria Flynn

President & CEO 

Maria Flynn is president & CEO of Jobs for the Future. Her commitment to JFF’s vision of equitable economic advancement for all and her leadership in workforce policy have made her a national authority on…

Susan Gouijnstook

Chief Solutions Officer

Susan Gouijnstook is the chief solutions officer at JFF. She is building and scaling JFF’s Solutions Group and overseeing the successful delivery of impact-generating programs and initiatives aligned with JFF’s strategic goals and objectives. Her…

Amy Seusing

Chief Development Officer

Amy Seusing is chief development officer at JFF. She leads the development team and strategy to diversify revenue through government grants, foundation and corporate partners, and individual support, creating high-impact partnerships for the communities JFF…

Kristina Francis

Executive Director, JFFLabs

Kristina Francis is executive director of JFFLabs. She oversees insights, incubation, and investing initiatives that connect traditional systems with system disruptors to enable equitable economic advancement for all. Her skills and areas of expertise include:…

David Soo

Vice President

David Soo is vice president of strategic engagements at JFF. He leads key initiatives across JFF and JFFLabs as part of JFF’s executive team, with a particular focus on building external engagement and influence, including…

Kristína Moss Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir

Chief of Staff

Kristína Moss Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir is the chief of staff at JFF. She works cross-functionally to foster alignment and collaboration, ensuring the successful execution of the CEO’s vision and strategy. Previously, Gunnarsdóttir led special projects for JFF’s…

Andrea Juncos

Senior Director

Andrea Juncos is a director in the Center for Racial Economic Equity at JFF. She leads research and advisory services focused on accelerating economic advancement for Black learners and workers in the United States. Juncos’s…

Parina Parikh

Associate Vice President

Parina Parikh is an associate vice president in the Workforce & Regional Economies practice at JFF. She leads JFF’s presence in California, with responsibility for business development and fundraising, cultivating relationships and partnerships, and building…

Maud A. Abeel


Maud A. Abeel is a director in Solutions Design & Delivery at JFF. She builds systems, partnerships, and policies ensuring all young people can access high-quality career-connected learning and navigation supports. Her skills and areas of expertise…