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ASA Tailored Student Resource Informational Page

To help you pursue quality postsecondary training pathways, we created the Pathfinder Guide and Checklist. This guide enables you to move from thinking about job opportunities to planning for a thriving career by preparing you…

February 26, 2024

JFFLabs EIR Incubator

A workforce and education technology incubator supporting entrepreneurs and startups committed to using cutting-edge solutions to drive equitable economic advancement.   Challenge JFF has embraced an ambitious North Star goal: In 10 years, 75 million people…

February 26, 2024

Degrees of Risk Informational Page

Presenting a landmark study on Gen Z and employer perceptions of education-to-career pathways. This report offers insights about Gen Z and employer perceptions of education-to-career pathways and barriers to adoption—and how those perceptions are changing.…

February 23, 2024

Non-Degree Pathways: A DC Insider’s Perspective

A report by JFF and ASA reveals what federal policy influencers think about education-to-career pathways that don’t involve college degrees and recommends policies that would expand postsecondary opportunities for young people. Support for education-to-career pathways…

February 21, 2024

Design and Implementation of College and Career Pathways in Rural Communities

College and career pathways are a critical strategy for supporting economic development in rural communities and creating economic advancement opportunities for youth. However, implementing pathways requires recognizing rural communities’ unique needs and opportunities. This report…

February 20, 2024

The Metaverse: Designed by All, Built for All, Benefiting All

The metaverse and XR technologies reshape every aspect of education and work. As metaverse and XR technologies reshape every aspect of education and work, JFFLabs is helping partners across this growing ecosystem ensure everyone benefits…

February 14, 2024

Success, Redefined: How Nondegree Pathways Empower Youth to Chart Their Own Course to Confidence, Employability, and Financial Freedom

How nondegree pathways empower young people to chart their own courses to confidence, employability, and financial freedom Today’s young adults want and need a diverse array of education options, including, but not limited to, two-…

February 6, 2024
Impact Story

High Road Training Fund

JFF provides flexible, supplemental funding for California’s High Road Training Partnerships to advance job quality, economic equity, and climate resilience across the state.  Results In its first year, HRTF raised $5.47 million and sub–granted to…

February 6, 2024

Beyond Degrees

Education to Career Pathways: Students Say Yes, but Are Educators and Parents Willing and Prepared to Help Them Navigate Options? With this paper, we deepen and expand upon our body of research into the public…

February 5, 2024

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