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Employer Mobilization

Employer Mobilization

Helping employers build solutions that benefit both businesses and workers.
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Our expertise and reach can help you create a more inclusive, agile, and resilient workplace.

We know what it takes to help companies create solutions that benefit both businesses and workers. As a leader and connector in workforce and education, Jobs for the Future’s Employer Mobilization practice is the go-to for employers who want to invest in inclusive talent strategies. 

Our diverse team of strategists, designers, and advisors can help you set and achieve a bold vision to address business challenges and build solutions that work for learners, workers, and communities.

Key Initiatives

Knowledge and Insights

We curate the information and build the resources you need to drive inclusive career mobility at your company. 

Network Engagement

We connect you with like-minded professionals to share approaches and solutions and build a community of motivated peers.

Program Design and Consulting

We work with you to implement and scale promising, field-changing solutions. 

News & Ideas
Article Impact Employer Summit
Our signature corporate event explores resilient talent practices that put equitable career advancement at the center of your business strategy.
Tools A Better Approach to Layoffs
JFF urges employers to prepare for disruptions that could require layoffs by embracing ethical offboarding—an approach to downsizing that improves the future economic prospects of former employees and fosters long-term improvements in employee performance, engagement, and loyalty.
Article Employers: Act Now to Preserve Abortion Access—It’s an Economic Issue and a Business Issue
For many people, particularly women in low-wage jobs and women of color, access to safe and reliable health care, including abortion, can mean the difference between economic insecurity and economic advancement.
Article How Corporate Leaders Can Invest in Worker Voice
As the economy continues to experience a historic labor shortage, employers face a pressing need to investigate the ways in which they can retain and attract talent. That’s proving harder than ever—the Great Resignation has shown us that workers aren’t satisfied with the current state of work.
Featured Projects

Action Collaboratives

JFF Action Collaboratives bring corporate leaders together to ideate and problem-solve on cross-cutting issues related to talent and enabling equitable career mobility for employees.

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Impact Employer Talent Framework

Impact Employers take a fundamentally different approach to attracting, developing, and retaining talent—they prioritize the social and economic well-being of employees.

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Impact Stories
Employee Well-Being Is Critical to Equitable Economic Advancement
Our first Action Collaborative explored how corporate leaders can drive well-being initiatives to support their employees' abilities to thrive at work. Here’s what we learned.
Changemakers: How Salesforce Is Building Belonging With Its Workers
One phone call at a time, Salesforce’s Jacalyn Chapman is leading Salesforce’s workforce culture.
Part 1: 10 Strategies to Help L&D Leaders Increase Worker Opportunity (and Shareholder Results)
After nearly 40 years of widespread disinvestment in human capital, companies are finally coming to terms with the need to invest in the critical sources of talent their success depends upon.

Catherine Ward, Vice President
Cat Ward is vice president of the Employer Mobilization practice at JFF. She leads efforts to engage the private sector as a strategic force for good—both supporting worker economic advancement and meeting business goals.
David Newsome, Director
David Newsome is a director in the Employer Mobilization practice at JFF. He helps design and implement employer programs that advance skills-based talent strategies to support worker economic advancement and meet business goals.
Laura Roberts, Senior Director
Laura Roberts is a senior director in the Employer Mobilization practice at JFF. She leads the design and implementation of JFF’s work with Fortune 1000 corporate leaders.
Megha Bansal Rizoli, Director
Megha Bansal Rizoli is a director in the Employer Mobilization practice at JFF. She drives strategy for and thought leadership on the role private-sector employers and institutions play in creating equitable economic advancement.
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The Employer Mobilization practice at Jobs for the Future and our network of expert partners are available to help identify optimal practices for job quality and worker well-being, provide networking and convening opportunities, develop and scale talent programs, and more. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with us or support our work, and subscribe for updates.