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Select Experts Umair Tarbhai he/him Senior Analyst

Umair Tarbhai is a senior analyst in the Research, Evaluation & Analytics unit at JFF. He manages and conducts research projects related to improving racial and economic equity and transforming policies that create more opportunities for economic advancement.

His skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Quantitative research and evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Quasi-experimental policy analysis
  • Inferential statistics
  • Project management

Before joining JFF, Tarbhai worked as a researcher and consultant with many nonprofit organizations and academic institutions, including After School Matters, the Aga Khan Development Network, Northwestern University, and, most recently, the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Educational background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology and clinical counseling, Saint Xavier University, Chicago
  • Master’s degree in counseling psychology, Northwestern University
  • Master’s degree in social work with a focus on social policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • PhD candidate in social work with a focus on quantitative analysis and public policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
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