High Road Training Fund





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  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement
  • Meeting Employer Needs
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
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California’s High Road Training Fund (HRTF) is a new public-private partnership that will provide supplemental funding for state efforts to create pathways to jobs in high-growth, climate-resilient industries for workers from communities that are underserved by public and private institutions.

In partnership with the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB), the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, and the social innovation team in Governor Gavin Newsom’s office, Jobs for the Future (JFF) serves as fund manager, learning partner, and strategic advisor for the HRTF.

With money pooled from private and philanthropic partners, the HRTF will augment state budget allocations for High Road Training Partnership (HRTP) and High Road Construction Careers (HRCC) initiatives that provide training and career advancement opportunities for people who face barriers to employment.

HRTP and HRCC initiatives drive industry-led creation of quality jobs by funding and supporting partnerships between private and public employers, community-based organizations, and labor. By maximizing public investments in HRTP and HRCC programs, the HRTF can contribute to a redesign California’s labor market.

With support from the James Irvine Foundation, JFF is working with the CWDB to launch the new fund in late summer 2022.