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  • JFF YCC Grant

    Preparing MA Youth for High-demand STEM Careers with $4.9 Million Grant

    The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded a $4.9 million grant to JFF to expand STEM education and career pathways that prepare more low-income Massachusetts high school students for high-demand jobs with good wages and strong preparation for further education. 

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  • Early College Expansion Report

    Over the past decade, early college schools have produced dramatic results, beating typical outcomes for youth from backgrounds underrepresented in higher education. As described in the new report by Michael Webb, Jobs for the Future and our partners are building on these successes to spread Early College Designs to 56 additional schools through local, state, federal, and corporate initiatives. 

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  • Implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    This report informs health care leaders, policymakers, and practitioners about the workforce implications of the Affordable Care Act for frontline workers, including potential changes in the skill sets and roles required of frontline workers to implement new models of delivering care. 

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  • High School Graduate, College Study Group, Policymaker, Construction Worker

    Who Is Jobs for the Future?

    The mission of JFF is to ensure that all lower-income young people and workers have the skills and credentials needed to succeed in our economy. Our vision is for the promise of education and economic mobility in America to be achieved for everyone. For 30 years, we have helped employers find skilled workers, and workers move into higher-wage jobs through education and training programs. We are a Boston-based nonprofit working in over 100 communities nationwide.

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  • VP Nancy Hoffman Talks Education & Technology With POLITICO

    JFF Vice President Nancy Hoffman spoke at POLITICO's panel on the intersection of education and technology on April 8, 2014. Hoffman advocated the merits of incorporating career and technical courses in K-12 schools as an engaging way of developing critical-thinking skills. She elaborated on the importance of partnerships between employers and students that create opportunities to demonstrate problem-solving in the workplace.
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  • Promoting Persistence Through Comprehensive Supports

    Rachel Pleasants McDonnell, Lisa Soricone, and Monique Sheen developed this publication to support colleges and other institutions that are searching for strategies to better provide comprehensive supports to students. The goal of this paper is to provide clarity on what it means to provide comprehensive support services, share what research says about effective practice, and provide some examples of cost-effective strategies that colleges are using to provide this high level of support. 
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