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Driving innovation through insights, incubation, and investment.

Where big ideas launch and scale for big impact on the future of work and learning.

New technologies and models are radically transforming our workforce and education systems. These shifts create opportunity but also risk reinforcing systemic inequities. Promising solutions that maximize learner opportunity can face significant hurdles in expanding and scaling to make their work accessible.

JFFLabs is the innovation lab of Jobs for the Future, providing the infrastructure to bring solutions from ideation to national-scale social impact. Our proven model provides market analysis, identifies trends, and invests in promising innovators so transformative solutions that drive equitable economic advancement are created, tested, and scaled.

Key Initiatives


We help leaders understand and prepare for the emerging trends, technologies, and innovations shaping the future of work and learning. Learn more 


We provide strategic guidance to visionaries, entrepreneurs, and businesses to co-design and scale their solutions. Learn more. Learn more


With investments and grants through JFFVentures, we support entrepreneurs building solutions and businesses with the potential to improve economic advancement for workers.
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News & Ideas

JFFLabs Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Incubator

A workforce and education technology incubator supporting entrepreneurs and startups committed to using cutting-edge solutions to drive equitable economic advancement.  

JFFLabs Personal Financial Success Incubator

Apply by February 29 to join the new JFFLabs Personal Financial Success Entrepreneurs in Residence cohort that will incubate startups offering tech-enabled tools and wraparound supports that promote financial wellness and create new wealth-building opportunities for people of all backgrounds.


Advancing the Metaverse for Social Impact

As metaverse and XR technologies reshape every aspect of education and work, JFFLabs is helping partners across this growing ecosystem ensure everyone benefits from these innovations.

Press Release

Jobs for the Future Launches New Center for Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work

JFF's new center will play an integral role in its newly announced North Star goal to help 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement work in quality jobs in the next 10 years.


JFFLabs Announces Incubated Practices: Climate Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Five years ago, Jobs for the Future (JFF) made a bold bet on the future of work and learning. We considered key questions posed by our partners across the field, the strength of our partnerships, and our own skills and expertise, and launched JFFLabs on a new and exciting premise: that the learn-and-work ecosystem was ready for powerful transformation that infused work and learning with technology, new models, and capital.


A Lab for the Moonshot of Our Time

As many of you know, this year’s Shift Forum is the second annual gathering of leaders convening to address big issues we won’t have a second chance to solve. If last year’s event symbolized a collective recognition of the problems we face, this year marks a shared commitment to move the needle in addressing them. Key pillars include business transformation, politics and policy, and the future of work.

Featured Practices

Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work

Shaping AI’s impact on skills development, job quality, and equitable outcomes.

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Mobilizing partners toward a climate-resilient workforce.

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Lifelong Learning

Mapping learning to work across systems, businesses, and education and training providers.

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Working with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and companies to incubate new models and technology-based solutions.

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Impact Stories

How a Small Lab is Building a Big Thing

Rapid social and economic changes are remaking the American workplace in ways few imagined a short time ago. It’s no surprise that our learning systems can’t keep up and that employers can’t find the skilled workers they need. To resolve this critical tension, JFF last year launched JFFLabs to bridge the traditional education and workforce systems with innovative approaches and technology-enabled solutions.

Education Quality Outcomes Standards

The EQOS Quality Assurance Framework helps learners and workers, education institutions and postsecondary training providers, private investors, governments, and others identify high-quality opportunities that lead to equitable economic advancement.

The Future of Work Grand Challenge

Engaging with the U.S. workforce system to create and scale pilots of winning solutions through partnerships with future-focused workforce boards.


Kristina Francis

Executive Director, JFFLabs

Kristina Francis is executive director of JFFLabs. She oversees insights, incubation, and investing initiatives that connect traditional systems with system disruptors to enable equitable economic advancement for all. Her skills and areas of expertise include:…

Tabitha Manross

Chief of Staff, JFFLabs

Tabitha Manross is chief of staff at JFFLabs. She partners with the unit’s leadership to develop and drive strategic initiatives that foster innovative solutions in education and workforce systems. Her skills and areas of expertise…

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JFFLabs and our network of expert partners are available to help with strategic guidance, market analysis, idea acceleration, and more. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with us or support our work, and subscribe for updates.