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JFFLabs Incubation Practice Area

Climate Innovation

Mobilizing partners toward a climate-resilient workforce.

Information and innovation to prepare workers, employers, and sectors for climate resiliency.

The climate crisis presents challenges and opportunities across society. Corporations are struggling to prepare their organizations and the jobs within them to withstand the shifting landscape; meanwhile, workers who are most vulnerable to climate change are left out of the conversation.

The Climate Innovation incubated practice at JFFLabs takes an inclusive approach to inform, educate, and upskill individuals for climate-resilient jobs through innovation and collaboration across sectors, regions, new business models, and capital investments.

Key Initiatives

Climate-Resilient Employees for a Sustainable Tomorrow

CREST is a career preparation and reskilling initiative of the Ares Charitable Foundation that aims to close the gap between the demand for a skilled workforce for green jobs and the number of people prepared for them.


News & Ideas


Jobs for the Future Green Jobs Survey

Jobs for the Future releases a new survey on employers’ commitment to green job creation and the role regions play in driving green job growth.

March 4, 2024
Digital Magazine

Climate and Careers

A digital magazine that presents a roadmap for learners, regions, entrepreneurs, and companies to navigate key topics for building an inclusive, resilient green economy.

Market Scan

Training the Future Climate Workforce

This JFFLabs market scan is a guide for investors and policymakers who are looking to back workforce solutions that support the growth of the green economy and provide workers with quality jobs.


Pioneering Climate Resilient Jobs

Meet the new JFFLabs entrepreneurs in residence cohort.


Growing Quality Green Jobs

JFF report presents the Green Transformation Cycle that illustrates the economic transformation currently underway and better shapes workforce training programs, employer talent pipelines, and emerging legislation to support the urgency of a just transition to a green economy.

In The News

Powering a Sustainable Future With People-Centered Strategies

To power the ambitious climate change mitigation strategies necessary for a sustainable future, developing a skilled workforce will be critical.


Taj Ahmad Eldridge

Managing Director

Taj Ahmad Eldridge is managing director of Climate Innovation, an incubated practice at JFFLabs. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience as an investment professional, he leads a cross-collaborative team focused on the intersection…

Jennifer Tee


Jennifer Tee is a director in Climate Innovation, an incubated practice at JFFLabs. She aligns the vision, strategy, and implementation of the practice area’s initiatives, including its flagship project, CREST (Climate-Resilient Employees for a Sustainable…

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The Climate Innovation incubated practice at JFFLabs can help employers, workers, and public and private stakeholders develop climate-resilient workforce strategies. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with us or support our work, and subscribe for updates.