Recover Stronger

We’re bringing together America’s largest companies in a shared commitment to business values and practices that prioritize the economic well-being and mobility of their people. Join us to #RecoverStronger.

Our Opportunity

How we recover from the crisis matters.

Recover Stronger mobilizes Impact Employers to create a more equitable economic recovery by prioritizing the well-being and advancement of the people who make their companies run.

Its focus is on those who have faced the greatest challenges in the COVID-19 crisis, particularly frontline workers, people of color, and low-income people.

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Companies in Recover Stronger lead the way by adopting sustainable talent practices that increase career opportunity and mobility for their people. Their approaches include strategies like inclusive and skills-based hiring, training programs that help employees prepare for and thrive in a shifting labor market, total rewards programs that provide greater security and stability, and ethical offboarding strategies that help workers position themselves for new opportunities in growing fields.

JFF knows that an equitable economic recovery will not be possible without a deep examination of race, equity, and justice. We cannot allow this recovery to simply rebuild the broken systems and processes that created the divides we find today with too many people excluded from long-term financial security and pathways toward stable and meaningful career growth. We are proud to partner with pioneering companies that set a bold vision to put people first by actively combating racism, oppression, and marginalization.

Recover Stronger unites these companies under the Recovery Commitment for Impact Employers, creating a platform for shared resources and a cross-industry call to action.

The Commitment

Recovery Commitment for Impact Employers

As we each begin our unique journey of recovery, we’ll ensure that our people remain at the center of not only our operations, but our values, our mission, and our purpose.

Founding Coalition

Impact Employers Leading The Way

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Recover Stronger Launched at Horizons


When you invest in your workforce, you’re investing in society. At Autodesk we are proud to be a Founding Coalition member of Recover Stronger and are committed to building a resilient, diverse, and equitable culture at all levels. Last month we made every Autodesk employee an owner of the company through recently deployed stock grants. This is just one step in the right direction to driving a more inclusive workforce and equitable world.

Andrew Anagnost, President and CEO, Autodesk

To intentionally build a diverse workforce, we need to apply a lens of inclusivity to every decision we make. Our participation in the #RecoverStronger Initiative underscores our commitment to building a future where everyone thrives.

Ebony Beckwith, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

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