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Corporate Changemakers Series

January 15, 2020

At a Glance

The Changemakers series is produced as part of JFF’s Corporate Action Platform, which features stories of Impact Employers.

Practices & Centers

This series tells the stories of people at the center of a growing movement that’s reshaping the way companies invest in the well-being and advancement of their workers.

Who are the Changemakers? They are corporate visionaries who are stepping up and stepping out to do something extraordinary. The Changemakers are passionate about their companies and intuitively see how their businesses can positively impact the lives of employees and their communities. They combine a business sense with human empathy to create opportunities for others to improve their lives while also achieving the company’s business objectives. They want to make the world a better place to live and work.

We invite you to meet the Changemakers and to help us celebrate and support their collective efforts.


Matt Disher, Military & Veterans Programs leader, Cushman & Wakefield

Matt Disher helps Cushman & Wakefield’s hiring managers find top talent through skills-based hiring.


Sana Manjeshwar, Global Ombuds Manager, Chevron

Chevron’s Sana Manjeshwar is helping employees shape their workplace to meet their needs.


Jacalyn Chapman, Senior Director, Employee Advocacy & Belonging, Salesforce

One phone call at a time, Salesforce’s Jacalyn Chapman is leading Salesforce’s workforce culture.


Lisha Bell, Product Manager, PayPal

PayPal’s Lisha Bell is helping corporate America close the racial wealth gap, opening up a dialogue about what it means to create an inclusive culture at work.


Jesse Jackson, Chief Learning Officer, JPMorgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is prioritizing employee well-being to build a culture of learning and support, driving business value and economic opportunity.


Donna Morris, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Walmart

Walmart’s chief people officer focuses on making big moves to elevate equity, opportunity, and advancement for the company’s 1.5 million U.S. employees.


Kristy VanAlstyne, Director, Talent Management, JetBlue Airways

Despite intense financial headwinds, this JetBlue helps employees develop new skills and build a path to a college degree.


Ingrid Franzen, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Workday

Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, thinks a real problem is an opportunity gap, not a skills shortage.


Omari Brandt, Senior Principal Experience Designer, Autodesk

Autodesk’s principal UX designer calls on Big Tech to challenge systemic barriers, starting with honest dialogue and equitable hiring.


Sean Mullan, Senior Reliability Engineer, 3M

3M is working with local schools and colleges to attract tech-focused students to careers in modern manufacturing.


Megan Hogan, Chief Diversity Officer, Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs builds trust with diverse candidates and communities as an essential part of the hiring process.


Abigail Carlton, Head of Global Social Impact, Indeed

Indeed’s director of social impact explains how employers can be active innovators, not observers, in breaking down hiring barriers in the job market.


Wagner Denuzzo, Head of Capabilities for Future of Work at Prudential Financial

Prudential's Skills Accelerator platform enables employees to own and drive their personal career journeys with personalized digital career services.


Claire Sands, Director of Fleet Community Communications and Engagement, Postmates

Postmates explains how the on-demand delivery service helps its 350K gig workers find their next career opportunities.


Athicha Dhanormchitphong & Kyle Daughtry, Immersive Technology Studio, ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil's learning and development leaders push the boundaries of technology to save time, money—and lives.

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