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Changemakers: JPMorgan Chase Partners with its People to Create a Culture of Learning

August 27, 2021

At a Glance

The financial services global leader is prioritizing employee well-being to build a culture of learning and support, driving business value and economic opportunity.

Carey O'Connor
Practices & Centers Topics

Companies reveal their values by prioritizing employee well-being during challenging times.

At such moments, Impact Employers center their actions around long-term objectives for growth and impact that put employee advancement at the forefront. Developing talent has never been more important or more challenging, and companies must work diligently to find the best ways to prepare workers for new roles that emerge within their businesses. As the U.S. moves through this phase of pandemic recovery, employers are amplifying employee voices on vital issues like learning and support that enable them to succeed on the job and in life.

JPMorgan Chase is an Impact Employer that’s leading on both fronts. As a Founding Coalition Company of the Recover Stronger Initiative, they’re prioritizing talent development while building a culture of co-creation with workers—strategies featured in JFF’s Recovery Playbook for Impact Employers. The company is leaning into the opportunity for change presented by the pandemic and is helping its employees embrace new skills and lifelong learning.

JPMorgan Chase is a global leader in the financial services industry. With more than 156,000 of its 260,000-plus employees based in the United States, it is also a leading U.S. employer. Carey O’Connor, a senior strategist at JFF, recently spoke with Jesse Jackson, JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Learning Officer, about how the company is helping its employees embrace lifelong learning as they adjust to new workplace realities.

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