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Fueling innovation through research, story sharing, and rich analysis.

We help leaders identify trends and adapt for the future.

Our systems and institutions are under enormous pressure to adapt to rapid change. Innovators, technologists, and entrepreneurs are seizing the moment to design and build solutions with incredible potential to revolutionize access to economic advancement.

JFFLabs Insights helps decision-makers understand and prepare for the emerging trends shaping the future of work and learning. Our rapid insights process and our transformative research agenda focus on core areas impacting the future of work and learning and help our partners stay at the head of the field.

Key Initiatives

Market Intelligence

We scan and analyze markets to predict challenges, opportunities, solutions, and trends, then recommend action.

Rapid Insights

Our content is engaging and actionable, sharing unique learner and worker stories and offering astute explanations for stakeholders.

Immersive Community Experiences

We curate powerful opportunities for collaboration and inspire our communities to invest in new learning and drive change.

News & Ideas

Case Study

The Social Impact Potential of Immersive Learning in Small Business

A case study on BOMAG, a small manufacturing business with high levels of motivation and strategic leadership that discovered what augmented reality could do for it and its workers.

Market Scan

2020 Immersive Learning Technology

Simulated learning technologies like augmented and virtual reality offer new ways to train workers rapidly, and they could ultimately help diversify workforces and boost economic advancement.


Seeing Green: The Kids Are All Right

A lot like now, there was also much talk about “green jobs” a decade ago. Just not the kind you want to hear when you’re listening for good change.

Market Scan

Career Navigation Technology

A technology market poised for innovation and impact. Our scan focuses on the millions of workers too often overlooked or underserved by traditional approaches to career navigation.


Designing an equitable future for immersive learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Accenture onboarded 150,000 employees in an entirely digital office. As the new academic semester begins, students at 10 colleges and universities — including Morehouse College, the University of Maryland Global Campuses and the University of Kansas School of Nursing — are using virtual reality headsets

Market Scan


Employee experience technology that empowers young workers from low-income backgrounds for success. When young people who face barriers to success have the support they need to thrive at work, our entire economy benefits. A new generation of technology helps make that possible.

Featured Projects

JFF and Meta Team Up to Upskill Workers Through XR Technology

Meta is partnering with Jobs for the Future to demonstrate how AR/VR technologies can strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses by upskilling workers.

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Immersive Learning Powers 21st-Century Student Skill Building

As students return to learning, many schools are leveraging the digital tools and practices they adopted during the pandemic.

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Unity and Jobs for the Future: Workforce Grant

Unity has partnered with JFF to fund workforce development organizations and programs with the goal of making training and job opportunities accessible to all.

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Alex Swartsel

Managing Director

Alex Swartsel is managing director of the Insights practice at JFFLabs and is leading the launch of the Center for Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work. She helps education-to-career decision-makers understand and prepare for…

Max Milder


Max Milder is a director in the Insights practice at JFFLabs. He oversees the research and design of JFF’s market scans and supports research efforts across the organization. His skills and areas of expertise include:…

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