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JFFLabs is our strategy and innovation arm. We team with innovative entrepreneurs, employers, and funders to spur rapid industry change through companies, partners, and moonshot initiatives.



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  • Preparing for the Future of Work
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Accelerating and Scaling Workforce and Education Innovations

As the future of work rapidly becomes today’s reality, radically new models for how workers, corporations, funders, traditional systems, and communities interact will emerge. Building on JFF’s 35 years of experience in designing, scaling, and influencing change in workforce and education, we:

Work with talented entrepreneurs and operators

  • Host Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • Prototype and incubate new products and services

Spotlight transformative innovations

  • Publish market landscapes and commentary

  • Form acceleration cohorts of leading startups

  • Facilitate test demos, like this

Advise leading corporations

  • Advise C-suite leaders within leading corporations on talent investment and skills gaps

  • Lead innovative partnerships between industry and traditional systems

Formulate and seed ‘moonshot’ initiatives

  • Instigate at-scale change, like this, and develop and promote “Big Ideas”

  • Design and execute Open Innovation Challenges

  • Raise capital to scale transformative initiatives

One of the things that I love about JFF is that they’re not just a leading national nonprofit organization. They’re also working with some of the most innovative startups in the country to create real change.

Rahim Fazal, Co-Founder & CEO, SVAcademy

"A Lab for The Moonshot of Our Time" on NewCo

"One of the more intriguing things about JFFLabs is that it doesn’t assume Silicon Valley has all the answers." – John Battelle, Editor in Chief, NewCo

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