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JFFLabs partners with visionary entrepreneurs, F500 companies, and investors to foster innovative solutions that create positive change in education and workforce systems.






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  • Preparing for the Future of Work
  • Meeting Employer Needs
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The future of work is rapidly becoming today’s reality.

As the nature of work changes, we need big thinkers with smart ideas to come together for the defining challenge of our time—building solutions for the economic advancement for all. Using new and existing models, we can make a significant impact that will benefit workers, learners, their communities, and company bottom lines.

JFFLabs provides a critical connection between traditional systems and new technology, financial models, and forward-leaning leaders. Together, we address the challenges to economic advancement faced by students, workers, and the businesses and systems that serve them.

JFF and JFFLabs operate in tandem to pursue the same mission: to build a society in which everyone has the opportunity to access the skills, resources, and credentials they need to achieve economic advancement.


Impact Acceleration

Identify and scale workforce and edtech innovations to drive transformation and meaningful impact.

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Build and support early stage products and services in partnership with mission-aligned entrepreneurs.

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Invest in startups and solutions in the training-to-employment continuum.

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Innovation Networks

Develop and lead networks of education and workforce partners eager to modernize practices and systems.

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Corporate Leadership

Partner with companies to solve workforce challenges with proven solutions that prioritize the economic well-being of employees, while advancing bottom lines.

One of the more intriguing things about JFFLabs is that it doesn’t assume Silicon Valley has all the answers.

John Battelle, Editor in Chief, NewCo

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