JFFLabs Acceleration

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JFFLabs Acceleration identifies and advances great ideas, entrepreneurs, startups and growth-stage companies that are poised to make a significant impact on workers, employers, and the US economy.



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Areas of Work
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
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  • MA
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  • DC

Today, employers compete for talent like never before. At the same time, workers, from youth entering these sectors to experienced adults, need training and other supports to advance and sustain long-term careers.

To address this challenge, JFFLabs has launched their accelerator program. JFFLabs works with entrepreneurs and growth stage companies to accelerate and scale their technology-based solutions. Accelerator members will be poised to make a significant impact on the outcomes of workers, employers, and the US economy.

During our program, cohort members work with mentors, colleagues, visionary customers, and JFF experts to define their vision, understand market needs, avoid common pitfalls many companies experience, and develop their products.

Mentor Network

Our mentor network is comprised of industry leaders who possess deep experience in a diverse range of subjects. Mentors provide advice and guidance to cohort companies based on their specific needs and development roadmap.