Center for Justice and Economic Advancement

At a Glance

People with criminal records face barriers to education and employment that limit their opportunities for a lifetime. They deserve a fair chance to move beyond their mistakes and achieve economic advancement. Through the Center for Justice and Economic Advancement, JFF will work to eliminate barriers that have prevented them from having meaningful opportunities to transform their lives and achieve economic advancement.





Areas of Work
  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement
  • Meeting Employer Needs
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
Experts Involved
In progress

About Us

The JFF Center for Justice and Economic Advancement (CJEA) is leading a campaign to eliminate barriers to economic mobility for people with criminal records and create conditions that give them a fair chance to pursue careers that match their talents and aspirations.

Launched in partnership with the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, the CJEA will work with employers to tap the rich potential of a previously overlooked talent pipeline and create employment and career opportunities for millions of people who have historically faced significant barriers to economic advancement.

We will also work with partners—including those who have personal experience navigating the criminal justice system—to advance efforts to provide critical services to people with records and expand access to education and employment opportunities that enable them to engage in their communities and succeed in their careers.

The Center for Justice and Economic Advancement will . . .

  • Mobilize employers to adopt equitable and inclusive hiring practices, with a particular focus on racial equity
  • Provide technical assistance and capacity-building support for promising models
  • Advocate for policy and systems change
  • Raise awareness of this complex challenge
  • Conduct research to identify transformative solutions

Our Capabilities

  • We work with partners to scale practices and policies that will promote economic advancement for people with criminal records.
  • We impact economic advancement for people with records by eliminating policy barriers and creating conditions that promote hiring and access to education and credentialing programs.
  • To influence public perceptions and attitudes, we tell the stories of people who left prison and drew on their inner strengths and skills to re-engage with their communities and achieve career success.