Starter Kit: Launch an Early College

At a Glance

This tool kit is for districts and/or schools that want to launch and continually improve early college and career pathway programs. It includes templates and examples of project planning documents and implementation resources.

About the Program

These resources were collected from early college programs in Michigan and Connecticut, as well as other successful early college initiatives throughout the country.

Published jun. 28, 2019

This kit was created by JFF and Teachers College.




Area of Work
  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement
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How to Launch an Early College Program


  • Set Goals and Vision
  • Create Memoranda of Understanding
  • Draft Annual Plans


  • Hire Staff
  • Develop Course Content


  • Guide Students Along Career Pathways
  • Engage in Professional Development
  • Collect and Use Data for Ongoing Improvement

Access the resources below for help with each critical step. You can also reach out to JFF if you want us to consult with you on your early college or pathways initiative. Contact us at

Use Data to Inform Ongoing Improvement

Students enrolled in early college programs engage in both college and high school coursework and activities. To better understand students’ early college experiences and ensure that they get the support they need to succeed, it is important to collect data from a variety of sources and review and discuss that data on a regular basis.

Participating Districts

Here are the school districts that were involved in developing these materials:

  • Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Washtenaw Intermediate School District
  • Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate School District
  • Lapeer County Intermediate School District