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Collect and Use Data to Inform Continuous Improvement

June 26, 2019

At a Glance

Students engage in both college and high school coursework and activities through early college programs. To better understand students’ early college experiences and ensure that they are supported and successful, it is important to collect different kinds of data and to review and discuss these on a regular basis to inform improvement.

Thisresource includes sample school-level college coursework data summary figuresand student survey reports, student survey instruments/questionnaires, list ofkey data collection variables, and sample meeting agendas and powerpoint slidesthat have been used with project schools and partners to develop a culture ofcontinuous improvement.

The following data samples can help inform how you collect data in order to prioritize a culture of continuous improvement:

School-level College Coursework Data Summaries



Staff Meetings around Data

Meeting Agendas

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June 26, 2019