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State Policy Framework for Building Equitable Pathways

State Policy Framework for Building Equitable Pathways

November 7, 2022

At a Glance

This tool was co-created with input from Building Equitable Pathways Community of Practice members, to support their own and others’ policy work.

Alyshah Aziz Senior Program Manager, Policy
Tool State Policy Assessment Tool for Building Equitable Pathways
JFF and the Building Equitable Pathways (BEP) Policy and Advocacy strand created an assessment tool that members of the BEP community of practice and organizations throughout the field can use to review existing and proposed…
February 9, 2023
Report/Research Equitable Pathways Hypotheses Spotlights
The Building Equitable Pathways hypotheses guide the development of pathways that equitably support all young people, especially youth of color and youth who are experiencing poverty, in building rewarding and successful futures. Learn what the…
October 6, 2020
Report/Research How Intermediaries Can Help Black and Latinx Youth Develop a Strong Occupational Identity: Four Principles of Practice
This resource provides four guiding principles that intermediary staff and leaders can use to support equitable career outcomes for youth—particularly Black and Latinx youth and young people who are experiencing poverty. Intermediary organizations—sometimes known as…
December 9, 2020
Report/Research Intermediary Functions and Features in Pathways Systems
This resource clarifies the roles intermediaries play in college and career pathways systems. It can be useful for envisioning a brand-new organization or strengthening the intermediary functions of an existing organization. Your organization can use…
November 12, 2020
Report/Research An Intermediary’s Guide to Working with Higher Education Partners
This guide supports intermediaries and their community college partners in forming productive and lasting relationships. The goal of these partnerships is to provide high school students with opportunities to earn college credits that will help…
September 30, 2020
Report/Research From Labor Market Information to Pathways Designs: Foundational Information for Intermediaries
This resource is designed to help intermediaries effectively design strong college and career pathways. It lays out key areas and provides guidance about and examples of how to distill this information in order to share…
January 12, 2021
Report/Research Intermediaries’ Role in Policy to Develop and Scale Equitable Pathways
This brief illustrates the power intermediaries have to influence policy, so they can be more effective in supporting their partners and driving positive change in their communities and across their states.   Learn more about…
October 19, 2020
Report/Research The MOU: A Tool for Formalizing Partnerships
Intermediaries can use memoranda of understanding (MOU) to better fulfill their roles as connectors among partners working to provide college and career pathways. This easy-to-use guide describes the purpose of an MOU, outlines the process…
January 7, 2021
Report/Research Intermediary Communications: How to Stand Out While Working Together
Developed by Mission Minded in partnership with JFF and the Building Equitable Pathways partners, this guide provides intermediaries with best practices in communications along with tools and sample messages to help them stand out and…
January 5, 2021
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