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Innovative Wraparound Support Solutions That Help Workers Succeed

March 13, 2024

At a Glance

An in-depth scan of the market of solutions employers can use to expand employee access to wraparound supports that remove barriers to success on the job. 

Zoe Acheampong Senior Manager
Michael Collins Vice President
Max Milder Director 
Beth Massa Manager
Destiny Washington Manager
Practices & Centers

Key Takeaways

  1. Employers need to understand the factors such as lack of access to health care, child care, and transportation that limit Black workers’ access to quality jobs and economic advancement opportunities. 
  2. Employers can position themselves for sustained success by offering programs and services that enable employees to manage the circumstances and challenges that limit their ability to succeed at work. These efforts can lead to improvements in employee retention and productivity rates and yield valuable returns over time.  
  3. Existing and emerging technologies are enabling new and innovative ways to provide wraparound supports that deliver personalized benefits for workers but can be scaled to serve entire organizations or broader populations.  
  4. Organizations that want to promote long-term career advancement opportunities for Black workers should offer supports that facilitate skill-building and networking, which can expand people’s professional social capital. 

This Jobs for the Future (JFF) market scan report takes an in-depth look at innovative products, services, and resources that employers can use to improve and expand the supports they offer employees and thereby ensure that they can tap into the full potential of the U.S. workforce. And would include making the most of contributions from the more than 21 million Black workers in this country, because research by JFF and others indicates that Black people are disproportionately affected by lack of access to essential supports. 

This research is a valuable resource for employers seeking to stand out by reimagining their recruitment, retention, and advancement strategies by offering wraparound supports. Our findings also offer valuable insights for investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in supporting innovative approaches to advancing workplace equity.  

With Funding from Walmart Through the Center for Racial Equity 

With Funding from Walmart Through the Center for Racial Equity. This market scan is made possible through the generous support of Walmart through the Center for Racial Equity. 


The research included in this report was made possible through funding by Walmart through the Center for Racial Equity. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations presented in this report are those of Jobs for the Future alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Walmart or the Center for Racial Equity. 

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