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Building and Scaling Equitable Pathways in Your Region

Leveraging Community Learnings to Drive Systems Change


This body of work leverages the collective learnings and experiences of the Building Equitable Pathways initiative to provide curated sets of resources that address some of the most common and complex challenges in pathways work to support immediate and actionable systems change efforts.

Farrah Farnese Roma Director, JFF
Cassandra Garita Senior Manager, JFF
Kyle Hartung Associate Vice President

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The Fruit and Root Analysis

Together, the Building Equitable Pathways (BEP) community of practice worked to identify the manifestations of racism and inequity, the “fruit,” and the underlying causes and drivers of inequity, the “roots.” This framework offers a similar…

December 22, 2023

State Policy Framework for Building Equitable Pathways

This tool was co-created with input from Building Equitable Pathways Community of Practice members, to support their own and others’ policy work. Related Content

November 7, 2022

State Policy Assessment Tool for Building Equitable Pathways

JFF and the Building Equitable Pathways (BEP) Policy and Advocacy strand created an assessment tool that members of the BEP community of practice and organizations throughout the field can use to review existing and proposed…

February 9, 2023

Building Equitable Pathways Resource Library

This tool provides access to resources that organizations in the Building Equitable Pathways community of practice have found useful in their work. It also features resources Jobs for the Future and BEP members have created…

January 26, 2023