Nonprofits Offer a Road Map for Colleges Implementing the Google IT Certificate Program

At a Glance

This brief offers a look at actionable strategies developed by nonprofit organizations that community colleges can follow to increase learner retention, completion, and job placement rates through short-term and online workforce training models.

Over the past three years, JFF has supported a community of providers of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate training program made up of more than 100 U.S. community colleges and over 25 nonprofit organizations (NPO) in multiple countries. During that time, we observed that, due to the networks they formed and the approaches they adopted, the NPOs realized substantial positive outcomes in their efforts to recruit diverse cohorts of participants and achieved strong learner retention and completion rates.

JFF believes that community colleges have a unique opportunity to improve outcomes for their learners and meet the growing demand for short-term, work-oriented online credentials by embedding offerings such as the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program into existing career pathways and by embracing the practices and lessons outlined in this guide. Read the full brief to learn about strategies that you can apply at your community college, with examples of successful implementations of those strategies by our NPO partners.