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JFF’s Taj Eldridge in “Investors See Growth, Opportunity and Returns in Sustainability Tech Funding”

December 5, 2022

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JFF’s Taj Eldridge discusses the value of investing in climate tech as a way to advance justice in The Plug.

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Venture capital investments in climate technologies are growing, and Black investors are playing an important role in this trend, with many providing financial support to startups led by entrepreneurs from populations that are underrepresented in the innovation economy.

One of those investors is Jobs for the Future Program Director Taj Eldridge, who was quoted in an article in The Plug about the growing network of Black investors who are focusing on green tech. A venture capitalist himself as general partner and cofounder of Include Ventures, Eldridge told The Plug that investing in companies whose mission is to address climate change is not just a financial decision, but also a values-based and justice-focused decision.

“When I think about climate, it’s more than just about a return to me in a financial sense. It’s a public health issue that we’re tackling, it’s an economic issue that we’re tackling, it’s a social justice issue that we’re tackling,” he said. “Communities of color and poor communities, white or Black, are the ones adversely impacted.”

Eldridge, who is director of climate innovation at JFFLabs and is leading a $25 million JFF and Ares Charitable Foundation initiative to provide training that prepares people for climate-resilient jobs, also reflected on the fact that the climate economy is growing. “A new green wealth is building, and we want people to take advantage of that,” he said.




A new green wealth is building and we want people to take advantage of that.

Taj Eldridge, Director of Climate Innovation, JFFLabs, in The Plug