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Immersive Learning Experience for Corporate Leaders Receives SF Design Week Honors

JFF recognized as Honorable Mention in international design competition.

July 17, 2020

At a Glance

JFF recognized as Honorable Mention in international design competition.


Unexpectedly, 2020 has become a time of historic disruption and uncertainty across the world. In America, millions of people are out of work, unsure if their industries and jobs will return or what their future holds. While we are all still working to sort through all the ways in which this crisis will impact our lives, one thing’s for certain: Work and learning will be forever changed, and they both will remain more distributed and involve more online activity than they have in the past.

Responding to this new reality was JFF’s Corporate Action Platform and the JFFLabs Immersive Learning Impact Accelerator who an designed an exclusive invite-only experience at Autodesk’s Gallery in San Francisco that addressed the ways that immersive learning technology is transforming learning at work, especially for the front-line and middle skill workers whose livelihoods are most at risk amidst the pandemic.

This summer, San Francisco Design Week recognized the event as an Honorable Mention during their design competition. The week-long virtual city-wide festival showcased the unique intersection of ideas, design, business & entrepreneurism in the Bay Area. The event featured innovative immersive learning companies including Floreo, Interplay Learning, Mursion, and Talespin alongside corporate leaders Best Western, Mastercard, and Walmart who utilize immersive technology to train their workers at scale.

"Honorable Mention: Virtual Tech"
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