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Redefining Training at Work

At a Glance

How virtual reality is reshaping corporate learning and employee performance—and what that means for companies today.
Date February 12, 2020
Location 1 Market St #200, San Francisco, CA 94105

Technology is revolutionizing how we learn and grow. Virtual reality and other forms of immersive learning are moving out of Silicon Valley research labs and finding homes in offices, classrooms, and factory floors. The business value of immersive learning is clear: It helps companies train workers more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

This exclusive gathering engaged 77 corporate partners service 10 million workers. The experience and discussion addressed the implications of immersive learning technology has and will have on learning at work. Attendees received hands-on demos of immersive learning tools, heard stories from companies that have embraced the technology, and get insider tips from industry experts. By the end of the experience corporate leaders were ready to redefine what workplace training looks like at their companies.

What Happened

Immersive Learning: A Game Changer for Corporate Talent Development

On Medium | Corporate leaders explore the potential of immersive learning to help the U.S. workforce adapt to the changing world of work.

Immersive Learning is becoming one of the hottest and most transformational approaches to learning in business. New tools for VR and AR are transforming technical, managerial, and all elements of soft skills training because they create real-world learning experiences that stick.

Josh Bersin

VR and other immersive technologies have been shown to improve employee performance by 70 percent compared to traditional training, and 93 percent of companies that have adopted immersive technologies say they’ve seen a positive impact on their business. Immersive learning also benefits workers and improves equity by making training accessible to new and different types of learners.


See who was in the room and how tools were tested.

Immersive Learning Technology Selection Matrix

Tool for companies to help navigate immersive product decisions.


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