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Outcomes for Opportunity

July 11, 2020

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate and predict changes in the labor market. The rapid pace at which jobs are evolving and shifts in the way people are preparing for them makes it difficult to develop responsive on-demand services that meet the unique needs of learners and workers.

Creating systems and infrastructure to collect accurate, reliable, and timely data across a wide range of services and operations helps workforce boards stay ahead of emerging trends. Combined with improved analytics and insight, future-focused workforce boards and training providers can identify areas for improvement to maximize organizational outcomes.

JFF and are responding to this challenge with the Outcomes for Opportunity (O4O) initiative. This two-year pilot program enables workforce development boards and nonprofit job training providers to make better use of outcomes data. O4OI will increase the availability, accessibility, aggregation, and analysis of data and information as a means of improving economic opportunity for workers nationwide. This people-centric approach will enable workforce professionals to put user needs at the center of data collection, product development, and system design. Ultimately resulting in co-created data products that solve universal problems for the workforce development and job training field.

JFF will be recruiting additional workforce boards to be a part of this exciting initiative with If you represent a workforce development board and are interested in being considered as one of these future pilot sites or if you would simply like to know more about this work as it evolves, please sign up here to receive more information.

Beta version of our insights and analytics product.
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Ensuring that people can rely on high-quality job training programs in their communities has never been more urgent. We’re proud to support JFF's Outcomes for Opportunity Initiative and its mission to help job training providers make better use of data to improve their services for millions of Americans.

Jacqueline Fuller, President of

Data-Obsessed: Analyzing, Understanding, and Preparing for Change

Workforce boards that collect and analyze a wealth of data are able to keep pace with and, in some cases, anticipate constantly changing regional dynamics.

What It Means to Be a Data-Driven Organization

The beta version of our insights and analytics platform offers compelling visualizations of workforce data.

September 29, 2021
News Supports JFF’s Outcomes for Opportunity Initiative with $4 Million Grant

JFF will enable workforce boards to make data actionable, enhance programs, and improve outcomes for underrepresented Americans.

July 13, 2020

How Workforce Boards Show the Way Toward the Future of Work

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December 20, 2019

Josh Copus

Senior Director

Josh Copus is a senior director in JFF’s Workforce & Regional Economies practice, where he develops strategies for JFF to lead workforce systems as they prepare for the future of work. He was previously an…

Eshwar Eswaran


Eshwar Eswaran is a director in the Incubation practice at JFFLabs. He leads the emerging product incubation vertical to cultivate disruptive new technology-driven ideas, with the goal of transforming them into scalable, marketable products and…

Veronica Buckwalter


Veronica Buckwalter is a director in Solutions Design & Delivery at JFF. She helps organizations build systems and infrastructures that propel working adults, dislocated workers, and individuals with barriers to education and employment toward high-quality…

Idil Ismail

Senior Program Manager

Faye Ackeret


Faye Ackeret is a director and user experience lead for product incubation in the Incubation practice at JFFLabs. She leads UX design within Incubation’s goal of cultivating disruptive new technology-driven ideas and transforming them into scalable,…

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