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Impact Stories

Join the Pathways to Prosperity Network

April 16, 2020

The Pathways team has helped in a number of different ways. They’ve been really great partners from the highest-level strategy work as well as the deeper level nuts and bolts of where we are and where we need to build.

Paul Herdman, President & CEO, Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Every young person has clear goals for college and career and the support to achieve them

Every employer has a talent pipeline of young professionals with the skills needed to contribute to and lead the workforce

Every regional and state economy is thriving and provides its citizens with opportunities for economic advancement

Join our innovative community as we lead a national movement for college and career pathways that connect all young people to meaningful, well-paying careers.

As we got involved in the Network, we realized that […] being part of a group, working with folks who are dealing with same issues at the local level, at the implementation level, is really absolutely critical for us.

Stephen Dakin, Superintendent of School and Community Partnerships, Columbus State Community College

As a member of the Pathways to Prosperity Network, your state or region will work with the JFF team to develop pathways strategies and models that are tailored to your goals, education and workforce systems, and labor market needs.

Members of the Pathways to Prosperity Network partner with JFF for at least three years. Before joining, you can work with the JFF team for a six-month planning period to identify the strengths you can build on for pathways work and possible sources of funding to support your efforts.

Network members span across the United States. We come together around our shared belief that our education system should create equitable opportunity for young people, employers, and our communities.

Network members include local government officials, leaders in K-12 and higher education, employers, workforce development boards, and community leaders at the state, regional, and city levels. This work requires many different organizations to come together to reimagine how our systems work to serve people.

If you are interested in improving economic advancement in your community, contact us at to explore if Network membership is right for you.

Opportunities to Learn and Collaborate

As a member of the Pathways to Prosperity Network, you will have opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers as members share successes and best practices—as well as challenges and lessons learned—across state and regional lines.

Members also participate in twice-yearly Network Institutes and have access to members-only resources.

Customized Support Services

The Pathways to Prosperity Network will enhance your capacity to design, scale, and improve pathways through technical assistance and coaching that is customized to your vision, goals, and needs. Each year, you will work with JFF to craft a scope of work that details your goals and services.

See five potential support services below.

Strategic Planning and Development

JFF will support your strategic planning. For example, we can assess how your pathways work intersects with and advances your other related policies and initiatives.

Regional Pathways Design and Mobilization

JFF will help you design a strong pathways system and can conduct a mapping process to align curriculum or programs of study with employer needs in your region.

Pathways Sustainability Planning

JFF will support your long-term sustainability by crafting tailored plans for braided funding and fundraising, as well as for marketing and communications.

Policy Development and Analysis

JFF can conduct an in-depth scan of pathways-related policy supports and barriers, and provide advice on best practices.

Asset Mapping

Through our unique asset mapping process, JFF will provide a report, executive summary, and presentation of key findings and recommendations for designing and improving pathways in your state or region.

Learn more about our work and how joining the Pathways to Prosperity Network can help you better support young people, meet employer talent needs, and strengthen your local economy.

Contact us at to talk to a member of the JFF team.