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JFF Summer Internship Program


JFF provides access to enriching work-based learning experiences to diverse talent through our internship program. The summer internship program provides a cohort of talented interns from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to contribute to JFF’s work, develop valuable skills, and work in an equity-centered, innovative, and mission-driven environment. Over the course of the program, interns gain exposure to JFF’s bold, transformative programs and operations.

Program Values:

Paid Work Experience Icon
Live our mission and values by providing a paid, rich work-based learning experience
Flexible Spending Account
Invest in talent from diverse backgrounds and build a talent pipeline
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Facilitate rich experiences for both interns and staff
Work Based Learning
Build a best-in-class work-based learning experience

Who You Are

  • You have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • You are passionate about social justice and JFF’s mission
  • You can work flexibly and collaboratively as a part of a team
  • You have strong organizational skills and demonstrate attention to detail
  • You thrive in a supportive, results-oriented environment
  • You contribute to team cultures that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • You are curious and bring a willingness to take in new information, perspectives, and data to inform your work
  • You demonstrate a learning orientation and a desire to continually improve in your work
  • You can commit to a full-time 32–40-hour work week schedule and participate in the program for the full 10-week duration

When and Where

The program is a remote summer internship that lasts 10 weeks, starting shortly after the Memorial Day holiday and ending in August.

To Apply

Applications for our 2024 summer internship are currently closed. Please refer back to this page in December to apply to our 2025 internship program.

Alaina (she/her)

“Interning at Jobs for the Future has been an amazing opportunity! Working alongside the Knowledge Management team has allowed me to not only apply and showcase my own skills but also further learn and grow as a professional. The team has given me work that I am interested in, suits my strengths, and is beneficial to my future. Their flexibility has given me the chance to explore what I am curious about while continuously feeling that I am making real contributions to Knowledge Management’s work.

Through JFF’s supportive, inclusive, and welcoming culture, I have also been able to form strong connections within the larger organization and develop my interpersonal skills. It’s fulfilling to see how everyone that I have met is ready to help me achieve my goals and is genuinely rooting for my success as an intern. Without a doubt, it becomes clear how much JFF values their interns, and I have felt this way along every step of my journey with the organization this summer. I can truly say that I have enjoyed my time as an intern at JFF and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

Marymegan (she/her)

“As someone interested in climate work, I’m grateful to Jobs for the Future for highlighting the interesting role of workforce development in addressing climate change. The organization has blended this well with its goal of creating positive social and economic change, and it’s inspiring to see everyone’s dedication to this work. JFF reaffirms its position as a leader in the workforce development field through its investment in us interns and work-life balance for all employees.

The internship program features strong compensation, flexibility, and, most importantly, a supportive network of mentors who all prioritize interns’ goals and professional development. I’ve loved hearing the past experiences of everyone on the team and have taken their advice to heart. My supervisors have all encouraged me to pursue my professional goals, ranging from writing op-eds on topics that I find important to building my quantitative analysis skills—even when that is not directly related to my work.

This is my first internship experience, and I never could have anticipated the fun, welcoming, balanced, and supportive work culture that JFF provides. This experience has been truly unforgettable and the connections that I’ve forged are lifelong.”

Hailey (she/her)

“Interning at Jobs for the Future truly captures it all. Within this opportunity, I’ve gotten to learn from and network with my colleagues and superiors on the CREE team, who have been paramount to my being able to complete impactful work here. JFF fosters an inclusive, transparent workplace culture and encourages feedback and growth-oriented mindsets, all of which have helped me to hone my professional and soft skills while allowing me the flexibility necessary for growth.

I cannot say enough about the culture of mentorship and guidance that JFF offers its interns by connecting us with so many individuals and resources to help guide our personal development, offer advice on day-to-day tasks, and offer all-around general support. The fact that JFF offers a competitive rate for this opportunity truly shows how authentic and dedicated the organization and the people who drive it to succeed are committed to striving toward the company’s mission of quality jobs for all individuals.”

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