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Hiring Process at JFF

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We seek to create an inclusive and equitable hiring process that provides opportunity for candidates to showcase their unique skills and talents. We use a skills-first and competency-based approach to candidate assessment, which means that we prioritize learning about what you have done and what you can do. To help mitigate bias throughout our interview process, we utilize standard interview scripts to ensure candidate experience is consistent, conduct anonymous reviews of performance tasks, gather feedback from multiple interviewers who know the work best, and more. We hope that through our interview process, you will get a sense of who we are and how we approach our work. We believe the interview process should be a two-way street where you are learning about us as much as we are learning about you. Learn about each step of the process below.

1. Application Review

Our application includes uploading a resume and either a cover letter or responses to short-answer questions via our job board. Our team reviews all applications one by one and communicates updates and final decisions to every candidate.

2. Phone Interview With a Member of JFF’s Talent Acquisition Team

During this interview, we focus on getting to know more about your prior experience, skills, interest in JFF and the role that you applied for, as well as your alignment with JFF’s core values. This first step is a great chance to better understand the basics of the role, what we do at JFF, and what we’re looking for in this new hire.

3. Performance Task

Performance tasks are designed to simulate the type of work that you are likely to do if you were hired. They offer the hiring team a chance to see your experience and skills in action while also providing candidates with a better sense of what the role entails. Often the hiring team is not looking for one “right” answer to the scenario presented but is interested to see how you might approach such a task. JFF reviews performance tasks anonymously in order to mitigate bias and only uses submitted materials for the purposes of the hiring process.

4. Video Interview(s)

Typically, these video interviews are with the hiring manager and a small group of staff members who you might work closely with in the role. The interviewers will focus on going deeper into understanding how your prior experience and skills would set you up for success in this new role through a mix of behavioral and situational questions. Often, these interviews also include follow-up questions about the performance task that you completed. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know your potential manager and future colleagues and to learn more about the specifics of the role and team that you applying to.

5. Reference Checks

We ask candidates to share at least three professional references, including a mix of former supervisors, colleagues, and/or direct reports. Our Talent Acquisition Team will collect feedback from these references in order to inform our final hiring decisions and to support the hiring manager in planning for a new hire’s onboarding.

6. Offer

Once the hiring team has identified who they want to hire, the Talent Acquisition Team will reach out to that candidate to present them with a verbal offer, followed by an offer letter and overview of JFF’s benefits.

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