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Life at JFF

Hear From Our Staff

At JFF, well-being and learning are at the center of our culture and engagement with staff. Learn more about our values and hear from our team about their experience working with JFF.


We drive transformation of the American workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all.


We deliver innovative ideas and take actions to push the boundaries of what is possible. We work diligently to design, test and scale evidence-based solutions.


We take action to bring about meaningful and lasting system-level change. We transform people and organizations to achieve economic and social breakthroughs.


We believe that our efforts have the power to strengthen the nation’s economy and improve people’s lives. We strive for growth, learning and progress in every aspect of our work and lives.


We are fueled by the desire to create a world where everyone has equal opportunity for economic achievement. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.
Staff Testimonials

Taylor Sprague (They/Them)

“Jobs for the Future is a very special organization to work for. It is rare that you can find a non-profit with such a bold, powerful, world-changing mission that also treats its employees well in terms of work environment, opportunities for growth, development, and compensation — but that’s exactly what JFF is. I feel like I have a real voice within the organization and like there is a strong desire to support me in being the best version of myself and identify ways that I can contribute my strengths to achieving the organization’s vision for the world.”

Quinton Stroud (He/Him)

“I am currently a Senior Manager working under the Solutions Design & Delivery team. I have only been at Jobs for the Future for seven months, but I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience so far. I am excited to have a job that allows me the chance to engage in work that is both interesting and impactful. One of my favorite parts of the people management process at JFF is the way we are assigned managers. The Fit Cluster style places employees with managers who are not directly tied to their project work. This allows for the relationship between employee and manager to feel like one that is largely about helping employees to develop and grow. I’ve found my manager to be a trusted source of information and a real advocate for my development since starting at the organization, and this is something I greatly appreciate.”

Andrea Juncos (She/Her)

“I’ve worked at Jobs for the Future for eight years, and my role and focus have evolved significantly during that time. A year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to shift internally to join a new team building out a critically important body of work focused on accelerating Black economic advancement and advancing racial economic equity. I can’t think of a more important set of issues to grapple with at this time. I am constantly impressed and inspired by the people I work with across the organization, who are super smart, mission-driven, fun, and creative, all with different areas of strength. I feel seen and valued by my current manager and team, as an employee and a person. And I feel privileged to work at an innovative organization that is growing thoughtfully while also leading efforts to address the most pressing issues facing Americans in today’s economy.”

Devon Miner (He/Him)

“Joining Jobs for the Future as a full-time remote staff, I was nervous about the opportunity to meaningfully meet and connect with other staff and the speed at which I would get acclimated to the organization. I was pleasantly surprised at JFF’s multi-week onboarding process that not only allowed me to become more familiar with JFF’s mission, values, and processes but also allowed, and even encouraged, me to meet members of my project teams and JFFers across different departments. The onboarding process really allowed me to make realistic and impactful goals at my 90-day mark with my manager.

I am constantly energized by the work and people at JFF. One of the things I appreciate most is being a people manager where I can collaborate with staff and help them realize, see, and actualize their full potential. I take pride in being able to create environments where staff can show up as their full selves and take more space to innovate and leverage their unique skillset to make meaningful impact and grow and advance professionally.”

Ashley Cardenas (She/Her)

“Jobs for the Future is an amazing organization, and I am proud to be a part of the team. We are not only allowed but encouraged to be authentic and open about ourselves, and I feel a strong sense of belonging here. The leadership team is very intentional at ensuring that everyone feels heard and understood and is given the guidance they need to feel connected to the work and supported. There is a strong focus on things that matter to us as employees, such as open professional development conversations organization-wide, within teams, and with managers. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Wellbeing (DEIBW) feels embedded in our work, and it’s amazing to see that everyone is so collaborative, and mission- driven!”

Joe Deegan (He/Him)

“Jobs for the Future has been a great place to build my career over the last six years. As I have grown professionally and personally, JFF has met my needs. Thanks to generous benefits and flexible working arrangements, I have been able to start a family and enjoy parental leave to focus on my children. Professionally, I have been able to advance quickly at the organization, and the project structure allows me to tackle new challenges every six to 12 months. The best part about JFF, though, is the people—my passionate, smart, and engaged colleagues inspire and challenge me to make good on JFF’s mission each day.”

Azhar Aboubaker (She/Her)

“I am grateful to work at Jobs for the Future where I am able to do the work I am passionate about alongside experts in the field. This is one of the unique things about working at JFF—I have a say in what projects I am put on as well as what kind of work I am doing. I am also appreciative of my team, who supported me through the hiring process and continuously pushed me to challenge and develop myself.”

Sandra Jadotte (She/Her)

“Working at Jobs for the Future has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I am fortunate to work alongside a great group of smart, driven, and dedicated colleagues. I enjoy being part of a mission-driven organization working to improve and build a future that works for everyone. In my position, I have found it rewarding to support initiatives that help out-of-school youth get into the workforce in jobs that are family- sustaining. I am proud of the work we’ve done with sites across the country that are working to implement best practices for young people who are not working or in school.”

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