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Tuesday September 23, 2014
The Walmart Foundation has awarded a $3 million grant to Jobs for the Future to improve job training programs in the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics industry. The TDL workforce is a critical underpinning of the retail industry, providing much needed integrated warehousing and supply chain management solutions. Despite the reliance on this industry to link manufacturers and trading partners to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers, TDL is often one of the most overlooked occupational clusters in our nation's economic recovery. The Walmart Foundation is committed to helping people...
Tags: Workforce Partnership, Green Skills
Tuesday June 17, 2014
Students presenting their work at the Marlborouh Spring STEM 2014 Showcase.
Ninth grader Leticia Dos Santos wiped the sweat off her brow and smiled earnestly as she demonstrated how the energy harvested from pedaling a bicycling could be used to light up the high school soccer field scoreboard. “If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn’t have done my exercise this morning,” joked Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester. The Commissioner had come to Marlborough STEM Early College High School to observe the students’ impressive showcase of innovative and interdisciplinary capstone projects. Ninth-grade STEM students were given the task of helping...
Tags: Career Pathways, STEM, Early College, Dual Enrollment, Green Skills
Tuesday July 31, 2012
JFF programs and partners help low-skilled workers gain the experience, credentials, and confidence to improve their economic opportunity. Here is one story of a hard-working American doing just that with the help of ANEW, a GreenWays-funded pre-apprenticeship program in Seattle, Washington. BRITTANY WILLIAMS has had a tough life. After her mother abandoned her and her brothers, she was drawn into street culture and dealt drugs. She was homeless for some time and spent time in prison. Her future looked bleak. Then last fall an unusual flyer caught her eye. Apprenticeship & Non-...
Tags: Adult Basic Education, Competency Education, Green Skills
Tuesday April 17, 2012
Workforce Trainers’ Need for Real-time LMI
Workforce training programs are making advances in their use of traditional labor market information, particularly at the initial program design phase. Our 20 GreenWays workforce partnerships selected their training occupations based on projections of labor market need in addition to conversations with local employers. We’re proud to work with partners that work hard to design programs that best serve their regional economies.  Our partners are seeking help incorporating real-time data into their initial program proposals as well as more aspects of their program design and implementation....
Tags: Career Pathways, Credentials, Labor Market Information, Green Skills
Tuesday March 6, 2012
At the kickoff of JFF’s three-day GreenWays Peer Learning Meeting in Milwaukee, WI, practitioners, consultants, and site leads discussed employer engagement strategies, with a particular focus on the formation, operation, and contributions of employer advisory panels. The highly interactive discussion was highlighted by the sharing of some innovative practices that workforce partnerships use to facilitate and deepen employer involvement in growing a skilled workforce. Below is a brief recap of some of the lessons offered by JFF’s workforce partners: Retention begins at recruitment. Having a...
Tags: Career Pathways, Green Skills, Workforce Partnership