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Tuesday October 14, 2014
Everyone Graduates Center is reporting that, for the first time in history, the nation has crossed the 80 percent high school graduation rate. The next step in addressing the nation’s dropout problem is to meet the goal of a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020 which many districts are now on pace to do.  This positive trend in graduation rates has come from nearly a decade of effort; the results illustrate how much improvement is possible when there is focused action, backed up by data and resources. Diverse communities and school districts have taken the charge to reduce the...
Tags: Opportunity Youth, Dropout Recovery
Monday September 15, 2014
Students working in a kitchen prepping food
It’s encouraging to see some good news emerging on the unemployment front lately. The overall unemployment rate, which peaked at 9.9 percent in April 2010, fell to 6.1 percent in August 2014. But for 16-24 year olds looking for work, the situation remains terrible. The unemployment rate of this segment of young adults was 14.2 percent in July 2014, more than double the rate of the general population. Numbers for young people of color are much worse. Roughly one in four African American youth and almost one in five Latino youth are unemployed. Even more disconcerting, the general consensus is...
Tags: Dropout Recovery, Opportunity Youth, Workforce Partnership
Tuesday July 22, 2014
America’s leaders are intensifying efforts to confront the persistent academic and societal disparities among black and Latino males and other young men of color. President Barack Obama’s transformative and morally just initiative My Brother’s Keeper has gathered leaders from the public and private sectors to build on proven solutions that address problems such as poverty, failing schools, and lack of career options that disproportionately affect millions of boys and young men of color. We at Jobs for the Future commend the President and his partners for shining a light on this population...
Tags: Opportunity Youth, Dropout Recovery
Monday June 16, 2014
Mentor and student high-fiving.
The FY 2015 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations bill, which was approved by the Appropriations Subcommittee last week, includes a critical provision authored by U.S. Senator Patty Murray to reinstate Pell Grant eligibility for potentially thousands of low-income, out-of-school youth and adults without a high school diploma or GED who seek new skills and preparation for family-supporting careers. Jobs for the Future applauds Senator Murray, Subcommittee Chairman Tom Harkin, and Ranking Member Jerry Moran for this partial restoration of the Ability to Benefit provision of the Higher Education...
Tags: Career Pathways, Dropout Recovery
Tuesday April 22, 2014
Boy in classroom with his art self portrait
This blog was originally posted by The California Endowment. Fifty years since President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty, America is still vexed by how to move more people up the economic ladder. Among other challenges, our education and job training systems are typically ill-equipped to prepare low-income young people with skills for good jobs or further education. This is largely because education and training institutions cannot effectively teach young people these skills without having ways to mitigate issues associated with their poverty. Unfortunately few do. But more could, if...
Tags: Career Pathways, Competency Education, Credentials, Dropout Recovery, Health Care, Opportunity Youth, Student-Centered Learning