Talent of Tomorrow Fellowship

JFF's Talent of Tomorrow Fellowship, powered by the ECMC Foundation, is an innovative approach to helping employers tap a diverse pool of talent to find and retain qualified workers to power their businesses.


The Talent of Tomorrow Fellowship, powered by the ECMC Foundation, is designed to support companies committed to diversifying their talent sourcing solutions and strengthening their workforces.

The fellowship is a professional development program for emerging HR leaders who want to help propel their companies’ workforces into the future. Through this yearlong program, fellows will discover how to take advantage of local community college career and technical education (CTE) programs to recruit talent and build a workforce that stays. In addition, they will learn how partnering with these programs can help bolster a company’s diversity efforts, and they will have opportunities to network with like-minded professionals across the country.

The Fellows

The Inaugural Fellows of Talent of Tomorrow

Community colleges can be key sources of talent for companies in our communities. The companies my college works with rely on us for diverse recruitment pools and lasting sources of talent tailored to employer needs. We develop employees who have the skills and attributes employers seek in the modern workforce.

Bill Pink , President of Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Need

Companies must reimagine the talent they need not only to manage today’s challenges, but also to thrive in the future. This future will require a more resilient, inclusive, and diverse workforce. Harnessing graduates of career and technical education programs can be part of the solution—providing robust pipelines that tap into local, highly-quality talent sources.

Three reasons you should engage CTE programs:

  1. Community college CTE programs provide quality graduates who will bring the skills and drive your company needs to succeed.
  2. Community college CTE programs serve as direct pipelines of talent to your company, and they can accelerate your company’s diversity efforts to create the workforce of the future.
  3. Partnering closely with community college CTE programs can allow you to influence training at the onset, customizing programs to your needs.

Get Involved


Why should you participate?

As an employer with an employee in the fellowship, you will be able to develop lasting strategies for talent development and recruitment. You’ll also join a network of companies committed to elevating talent sources like CTE programs that benefit both jobseekers and employers. Beyond that, you can also expect benefits like these:

  • A plan to build a custom talent sourcing and development initiative for your company
  • Access to experts, best practices, and resources
  • A peer network made up of other corporate leaders who are also diversifying talent sourcing
  • Opportunities to partner with local CTE programs

What will your employee experience?

Employee fellows will commit to the program for roughly six hours a month for a year, engaging with experts, learning new strategies, experiencing firsthand the untapped power of community college CTE programs, and networking with a national cohort of emerging leaders in their field.

The fellowship will offer participants opportunities to learn by engaging in expert-created modules on our virtual learning platform:

  • Fundamentals of Postsecondary CTE—Making the Business Case
  • Translating Industry Skills to Postsecondary Learning
  • Building Partnerships With Postsecondary Institutions to Create Talent Solutions
  • Using CTE to Ensure a Diverse Talent Pipeline
  • HR Policies/Practices That Facilitate Use of CTE


Fellows will network with like-minded professionals from leading companies across the country to share strategies for modernizing their companies’ workforces, their industries, and their regions. They will also engage in industry affinity groups and meet with experts on training and diversifying recruitment strategies.


Fellows will experience the rigor and quality of community college CTE programs through site visits to innovative training programs. They will also meet with the training leaders and the potential workers of tomorrow in cutting-edge programs.


Fellows will innovate through one-on-one coaching from CTE experts and strategic advice on how to implement high-impact hiring and retention practices, diversify talent pipelines, and strengthen the workforce for the future.

We have definitely seen that partnering with our local community college has been a strategic investment in our workforce. [Compared to hiring an engineering grad from a four-year college] it results in employees who have hands-on experience and employees who are from the community—and those employees stay. With that longevity, our employees have the cumulative experience to adapt to new needs as they arise.

John Kennedy, President and CEO of Autocam Medical, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nominate an Employee or Attend a Virtual Open House


We’re asking companies to identify emerging HR leaders who are eager to be part of this innovative solution and provide them with release time for learning, networking, and strategizing with national experts. Participation in the fellowship requires a commitment of six hours per month.

For more information on how you can nominate an employee or attend one of our virtual open house, fill out the Inquiry Form below.