Corporate Action Platform

JFF's Corporate Action Platform helps companies double down on business performance while preparing workers to advance their careers.

Corporate leaders tap into JFF’s influence, resources, peer groups, and guidance to learn how to take meaningful action. We help companies make strategic investments in inclusive talent management practices—approaches that drive a real return for businesses and their workers.

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Prepare Your Company for the Future of Work by Putting Talent First

Ready to engage? Here's how:

  1. UNLOCK best practices and curated resources.

    We leverage the expertise of JFF and our partners to surface evidence of what works for businesses and their employees. Companies use this collection of published research and curated, ready-to-use tools to inform the development of programs that make a real impact on workers and business.
  2. CONNECT with peers.

    We’re building a community of leaders and practitioners committed to tackling the challenges facing companies and workers in the new world of work. We regularly connect companies through in-person and virtual meetings to share insights and work through problems together, so everyone can go further, faster.
  3. Take ACTION.

    We go beyond theory and research to help companies put ideas into practice. This can take a variety of forms. For example, we help companies share their stories through co-authored articles and connect companies to our specialized networks and partners.

For companies looking for more robust, one-on-one support in taking action, check out our Corporate Advisory Services.

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