What We Do

Our Approach

JFF drives change in the American workforce and education systems to promote economic advancement for all.


We provide expert consulting to shape ideas into action to transform workforce and education systems.


Research & Design

We analyze labor market information with cutting-edge techniques to build the most effective approach for each state and region.


Execution & Scale

We create, implement, and scale innovative solutions through national networks that expand access to economic advancement.



We shape policy that strengthens the labor market at the federal, state, and local levels. We drive the conversation for education, workforce, and industry leadership nationwide.


Areas of work

With the rapid pace of change in our economy, JFF's work is more important than ever. We concentrate on three areas that strengthen the workforce and increase success for individuals and employers. We focus on today's most urgent issues while preparing for the future.


Ensuring Equity in Advancement

Despite overall growth, economic opportunity is limited for millions. Low-income people and people of color are least likely to advance. Through education and dignified work, everyone can create the life they deserve.

Our Goal

JFF provides solutions that create access to economic advancement for all.

Working to Meet Employer Needs graphic

Meeting Employer Needs

Employers nationwide struggle to find people with the right skills to fill jobs. To thrive in the global economy, US businesses need a stronger supply of highly qualified workers.

Our Goal

JFF offers strategies that match the supply of skilled workers with the demands of the job market.


Preparing for the Future of Work

Automation, outsourcing, and new contract arrangements are changing the nature of work. Everyone must think and act differently about how to train and sustain the nation’s talent supply.

Our Goal

JFF prepares all stakeholders to anticipate change and take action to thrive in this evolving environment.