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Webinar | The Role of Apprenticeship Intermediaries

June 1, 2018

Eric M. Seleznow

This webinar explored and highlighted the growing role of apprenticeship intermediaries. It featured national experts who have operated successful intermediaries and helped grow apprenticeship across the nation.


Apprenticeship intermediaries in the U.S. have mostly been local or regional labor-management partnerships that organized employers, workers, and training resources into an efficient system to create high-quality registered apprenticeship programs to meet employer needs. More recently, however, there has been an emergence of other types of organizations that can serve in the intermediary role to make the program development and registration process easier and more efficient for employers—community colleges, workforce boards, private firms, community-based organizations, and industry associations, among others. Intermediaries typically aggregate employer demand, provide technical assistance to employers, assist with organizing training, develop occupational standards, and assist with the registration of programs with states or the U.S. Department of Labor.

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