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Strategy and Sustainability Services

May 9, 2018

JFF is partnering with BaldwinConsulting to help Student Success Centers develop or revise strategic plans forlong-term sustainability and lasting impact. As the former executive directorof the Michigan Center for Student Success, Chris Baldwin provides advice on avariety of topics related to organizational viability and programmaticeffectiveness. This support includes a number of resources and customizedservices for the Centers, such as:

Level1: Templates and materials, including astrategic planning worksheet, tools to track college engagement, and evaluationcommunications planning tools. All tools will be made available online.

Level2: Workshops related to strategic relationshipsand communications for sustainability.

Level 3: Baldwin Consulting canprovide direct, customized support to Student Success Centers. The servicesoffered—detailed below—include both virtual and in-person consultation, focusingon Centers’ long-term viability and programming.

Level 1: Online Tools and Resources

such as research publications, policy briefs, recorded webinars, and virtual tools and templates

Level 2: Training, Convening, and Peer Learning

such as Network-wide workshops and webinars, group consultation with national providers, and leadership development opportunities

Level 3: Customized Services

such as state-specific coaching and consultation, institutes, and trainings customized for Centers based on readiness and need for deeper, individualized support

Baldwin Consulting will partner with JFF to provide the following one-on-one consulting services to Center executive directors and staff. Centers may request multiple types of support.


Baldwin Consulting will provide customized virtual help to answer Center executive directors and staff’s questions about their strategic direction and sustainability plans. Centers may schedule two separate times to discuss their needs.

  • Office hours for high-level strategy review

Schedule an hour to discuss high-level strategy and sustainability questions.

  • Office hours for deeper strategy discussions

Building on the initial review, Center staff can schedule a follow-up session to explore strategy questions more deeply. A strategic planning worksheet, exploring specifics about advancing the Center’s strategic plan, will be completed beforehand.

Two hours of consultation time per center, in addition to time for Baldwin Consulting to review materials.


Baldwin Consulting will work with Centers to design and execute a customized in-state convening to facilitate long-term strategic direction and sustainability plans. These state visits can take many forms, including:

  • Attendance and/or presentations at various board or advisory committee meetings
  • Engagement and education with key stakeholder groups
  • Facilitation of strategic planning workshops


Baldwin Consulting will partner with JFF and Centers to customize an approach to build and/or maintain momentum for existing and emerging programmatic work, as well as a plan for sustaining operations. These services touch on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Developing a multi-year strategic plan that aligns with state goals and priorities
  • Defining a clear action framework for implementing the strategic direction
  • Engaging host organization leadership (including boards) in the ongoing work
  • Creating a strategic communications plan to ensure key stakeholders’ support
  • Articulating a robust convening strategy to engage all colleges
  • Establishing a transparent plan to evaluate the work of the Center
  • Identifying possible funding targets for future work

Each Student Success Center is in a different place, so part of this work includes exploring the Center’s “life cycle” to ensure foundations are in place for long-term sustainability. It is important to note that some of these services may intersect with other partners the Center’s state and JFF are working with. In these instances, Baldwin Consulting will work with JFF and the other partners to coordinate efficient and effective services.