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Select Experts Jenna Dreier she/her Director 

Jenna Dreier is a director in Solutions Design & Delivery at JFF, working with the Center for Justice & Economic Advancement. She leads initiatives that provide technical assistance to programs offering postsecondary education in prisons, helping them improve learner outcomes by designing for equity and incorporating the expertise of people who have been incarcerated. 

Her skills and areas of expertise include:  

  • Postsecondary education in prison  
  • Program design and development  
  • Partnership development  
  • Relationship building  
  • Teaching and facilitation  

Before joining JFF, Dreier led the development of a postsecondary education in prison program at the University of Minnesota and cofounded the Transformation and Reentry through Education and Community Partnership in Minnesota.   

Educational background:   

  • Bachelor’s degree, University of Iowa  
  • Master’s degree, University of Minnesota   
  • PhD, University of Minnesota  
Contact info jenna-dreier