At a Glance

This series explores how policy can create the necessary conditions, incentives, and structures in states for forging more seamless, affordable, and supportive pathways to postsecondary credentials of value for all students – especially those who are underprepared and underserved. In particular, the papers in the series make policy recommendations for reshaping how states (1) measure student success, (2) fund postsecondary institutions, (3) foster greater alignment across K-12 and postsecondary systems, and (4) support students toward credential attainment and career entry. The emphasis in the papers on metrics, money, and systems integration reflects the collective vision of JFF’s Policy Leadership Trust for Student Success on the appropriate role of policy in catalyzing change among systems and institutions without mandating prescriptive models. JFF commissioned the series to stimulate discussion and consideration among practitioners and policy influencers, alike.

Published sep. 17, 2018



Area of Work
  • Preparing for the Future of Work