Closing the Gap: The Future of Apprenticeship in California

At a Glance

To reach a lofty apprenticeship goal, California’s system will need a new approach.

Published dec. 17, 2018


Cover - Closing the Gap

California’s new Governor hopes to increase the number of apprentices in the state by nearly 500 percent in the next 10 years.

This ambitious goal will require a rethinking of California’s apprenticeship system, from how it works to who is involved.

This report explores the current strengths and limitations of California’s system, as well as describes key features of a future apprenticeship system and provides a set of recommendations for policymakers and practitioners on how to get there.

“A comprehensive modern apprenticeship system in California is not just a change in scale. It will require a change in the way apprenticeships are designed, launched, and implemented.”

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