5 Steps to Identifying Occupations for Apprenticeship

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This self-paced, online training course walks you through how to identify occupations that are a good fit for youth apprenticeship based on a five-step occupational selection approach.

Published aug. 04, 2021


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This self-paced, online training course will help you identify occupation options that are a good fit for your apprenticeship program, for both youth and adult apprentices. It is designed to help you select occupations that are beneficial to both apprentices and employers. In addition, this course will walk through the five steps to selecting occupations as well as guide you through a case study.

This course is led by three experts: Kelsey Longmuir, senior manager of apprenticeship design at CareerWise USA; Matt McKenney, CEO of the Institute for American Apprenticeships (IAA); and Steve Lutton, executive director of IAA.

Course Overview

The course content covers the occupation selection at a high level and then goes into detail about each of its five steps. These five steps are designed to help you consider whether the occupation has mutual benefit to both the business and the apprentice. In addition, this course offers several resources that will help you identify occupations specific to your location and program needs. The course ends with a module where you’ll have the opportunity to try each of the five steps for your organization.

Why is this Course Important

Selecting the right occupation options are important to ensure that your apprentice is gaining valuable skills and experience, and that the employer is gaining a positive ROI. This model has the important potential of finding the ideal occupation for youth apprentices to enter into a sustainable career.

What You Will Learn in this Course

  • How to identify an occupation through labor market trends and partnerships
  • Data evaluation to identify whether the occupation fits your specific program
  • How to align your data with the DOL apprenticeable occupation list

Who Should Take this Course

This course is designed for intermediaries or other workforce development agencies who are interested in (or already) offering long-term career services, such as apprenticeships, for youth and adults.

Course requires a free registration.

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