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Regional Sector Strategies

February 5, 2021

JFF calls on states to support and scale the use of sector strategies to strengthen talent pipelines, close skill gaps, and limit workforce shortages in industries and occupations critical to regional economic recovery and resilience. This brief is part of an 11-part series, State Policy Road Map for an Equitable Economic Recovery, which provides state policy solutions focused on people, places, and systems—with the goal of closing equity gaps and driving economic advancement for all.

Learn more about the other strategies of Pillar 2 of JFF’s State Policy Road Map.

Job-Generating Investments

JFF calls on states to craft policies that support investments in infrastructure projects that create jobs. These investments should subsidize efforts to build, expand, or overhaul broadband internet service, public health offerings, transportation systems, affordable…

February 5, 2021

Inclusive Approach to Economic Development

JFF calls on states to build diversified and resilient regional economies by establishing inclusive approaches to economic development that are specifically designed to benefit vulnerable, disadvantaged communities. This brief is part of an 11-part series,…

February 5, 2021

Expansion of Quality Jobs

JFF calls on states to encourage employers to create quality jobs—meaning jobs that offer more than a steady paycheck and basic benefits like health insurance. Employers must also adopt more equitable and inclusive talent practices…

February 5, 2021