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JFF Answers the White House Call for Workforce Development

July 25, 2022

At a Glance

JFF will convene employers and training providers for the White House Talent Pipeline Challenge.

David Soo Vice President
Practices & Centers

Empty shelves at grocery stores after more than two years of supply chain disruptions prove that the need to rebuild our talent pipeline and infrastructure has never been greater. Last year, Jobs for the Future (JFF) wrote about how the historic infrastructure bill signed into law by President Biden could make our labor crisis worse if we don’t invest in training and supporting workers to take on the new jobs that it will create. Since then, the labor market has continued to tighten, with record low unemployment rates and near-record job openings, making the competition for skilled talent fierce.

At this time, we must ensure that workers can find not just short-term jobs, but meaningful and family-sustaining work—and it is critical for our economy to train more people to fill jobs in key areas.

JFF is excited to meet this moment and join the White House’s Talent Pipeline Challenge. The Challenge, launched in June, aims to galvanize leaders from the public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors to develop talent in key fields that create our country’s infrastructure. The call-to-action focuses on supporting equitable workforce development in areas such as broadband, construction, and electrification (electric vehicle charging infrastructure and battery manufacturing). Investing in these fields can not only ensure a more robust supply chain, but also provide equitable opportunities for workers across the nation.

As a national leader in driving economic advancement, JFF applauds this bold effort and is eager to support its success. Our actions as a partner in the White House’s Challenge include:

Galvanizing private-sector employers to upskill and diversify in key industries

  • JFF will seek commitments from 400 employers over three years—including in the fields of broadband, construction, and electrification—to adopt diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) policies that advance apprenticeships for all Americans, as part of JFF’s Center for Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning and with the support of the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • In addition, JFF will work with startup companies in the broadband, construction, and electrification sectors to drive innovation and enable their mission. For example, JFF’s impact investing fund, ETF@JFFLabs, will work with ChargerHelp! to further their efforts to train electric vehicle charging technicians.

Convening national leaders to commit to action

  • JFF will convene cross-sectoral leaders to raise awareness and make commitments through the Challenge, beginning by hosting a webinar and serving as a national resource for employers, training providers, and local government entities to support skills-based programs in these targeted fields.

This Challenge is an opportunity to leverage the focus and large infrastructure investments of the federal government. We encourage leaders from across sectors to come together to develop new workforce development opportunities to support workers and the economy, and accelerate equitable economic advancement for all.

To learn more, join JFF’s Talent Pipeline Challenge webinar on Thursday, August 4, at 2 p.m. ET. The webinar will provide insight on how training providers can best support employers in these efforts and offer examples from companies that have created workforce opportunities for all.

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