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Report/Research Modernizing Career Navigation in the United States
To help all students and jobseekers better navigate the rapidly changing job market and make informed choices about their educational and career paths, the United States must make systemic reforms and strategic investments in career…
September 15, 2022
Report/Research Providing Support for Community Colleges Now, and a Lever for Transformative Change
With JFF’s support of implementations of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program, participating community colleges demonstrated that a competency-based curriculum could successfully help low-credentialed adults advance in the IT sector. With JFF’s support of…
February 16, 2021
Report/Research Redesigning Training Programs for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Training and education will be key to helping displaced workers find stable jobs in the post-pandemic recovery, but programs need to be reimagined with equity at the forefront to ensure that they benefit everyone equally.…
October 14, 2020
Report/Research The Next-Gen IMT Apprenticeship: A Return on Investment Study
This study measures the business impact of the Industrial Manufacturing Technician Registered Apprenticeship program on six apprenticeship sponsors. Apprenticeships are drastically underutilized as a standard part of the development and training of the American workforce.…
July 31, 2020
Report/Research Six Effective Approaches for TechHire Initiatives
Six Effective Approaches for TechHire Initiatives Information technology jobs are among the fastest growing occupations in the country, yet over a half million IT job openings are unfilled. The TechHire initiative helps stakeholders develop a…
May 17, 2018
Project AWAKE
Workforce boards support 15 million Americans each year. JFF provides insights and advice to workforce leaders as they navigate change. The future of work is now, and many workforce boards are aggressively pursuing greater efficiency,…
April 30, 2018
Report/Research Opportunity Works
A national effort that paved pathways to college and career success for 2,000+ youth who were out of school and work—and proved the impact of JFF’s Back on Track model. A national effort that paved…
April 19, 2018
Project Pathways to Prosperity
We are boldly reimagining how U.S. education and workforce systems meet state and regional talent needs and prepare young people for careers. We are boldly reimagining how U.S. education and workforce systems meet state and…
April 18, 2018
Report/Research Powerhouse Partnerships: Community Colleges and Workforce Boards Working Together
Working together can lead to tangible rewards. But it can be challenging to create partnerships across organizations with different missions, cultures, practices, funding sources, and approaches. Many community colleges and public workforce organizations have overcome…
March 21, 2018