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Project Increasing College Access Network
Increasing College Access Network (ICAN) redefines online dual enrollment by combining the power of social-emotional learning, community partnership, instructor preparation, and intentional recruitment to improve student outcomes and provide students an opportunity to engage in…
October 13, 2023
Project Lone Star STEM
Lone Star STEM supports the implementation of college and career pathways in computer science and cybersecurity to develop a diverse talent pipeline of future tech workers. Lone Star STEM supports the implementation of college and…
September 16, 2022
Report/Research Modernizing Career Navigation in the United States
To help all students and jobseekers better navigate the rapidly changing job market and make informed choices about their educational and career paths, the United States must make systemic reforms and strategic investments in career…
September 15, 2022
Report/Research Building Effective Technology Internships
A three-year study that JFF conducted for the National Science Foundation shows that community college technology internships can be effective bridges to employment for postsecondary students. The research showed that when internships were required for…
March 24, 2022
Report/Research Workforce Boards Focus on Building Deeper Connections
Workforce boards and American Job Centers were built on the model of in-person service delivery and serve as important access points for people who need to connect to social supports that ease their transition from…
November 17, 2021
Report/Research Tech-Enabled Workforce Boards Drive Innovation in Their Communities
In this story, we explore how the Future of Work Grand Challenge reversed the dynamic of workforce boards playing catch-up and reacting to technological changes by creating an opportunity, in the midst of a generational…
November 9, 2021
Report/Research Data Empowered Workforce Boards Lead the Way in Economic Recovery
During this time, workforce boards’ ability to effectively monitor stakeholder needs became essential to meeting the Challenge’s demands of rapidly standing up and scaling training programs in a virtual environment. Identifying and creating new data…
October 4, 2021
Report/Research Meet the Learners of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate
JFF research identified five types of individuals who have successfully completed the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Learn more about these personas and how to select and support participants to best position them for long-term…
April 9, 2021
Report/Research Providing Support for Community Colleges Now, and a Lever for Transformative Change
With JFF’s support of implementations of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program, participating community colleges demonstrated that a competency-based curriculum could successfully help low-credentialed adults advance in the IT sector. With JFF’s support of…
February 16, 2021