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Report/Research Opportunity Zones and Registered Apprenticeship
This fact sheet provides an overview of Registered Apprenticeships in Opportunity Zones, including strategies, best practices, and resources for expanding programs in these areas. The 2017 federal tax legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,…
May 15, 2023
Webinar Partnering With Purpose: Building Partnerships to Drive Equitable Registered Apprenticeships
Partnerships are the key to building well-run, equitable apprenticeships that prepare workers of all ages for rewarding careers. Learn how to forge and sustain these critical collaborations from successful partnership stakeholders in this virtual webinar…
April 11, 2023
Report/Research How Apprenticeship Programs in Construction Trades Can Establish Family-Friendly Policies
The construction industry’s lack of pregnancy and family medical leave policies can limit women’s ability to complete apprenticeships successfully and safely, often forcing tradeswomen to choose between their work and their families. This brief provides…
March 27, 2023
Project Next-Generation Apprenticeship for Next-Generation Talent
By 2026, JFF aims to prepare 1,000 young people for entry into pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs, with an emphasis on those from populations that are underrepresented in Registered Apprenticeship. Funder U.S. Department of Labor…
March 6, 2023
Report/Research 5 Equal Employment Opportunity Steps to Take When Setting Up a Registered Apprenticeship Program
This tool documents the steps Registered Apprenticeship sponsors need to take under the Apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, 29 CFR part 30.
February 3, 2023
Tool Further Your Youth Apprenticeship Program with an Online Communications Strategy
This guide will help your youth apprenticeship program develop an online communications strategy to reach your program goals. You will learn how to identify your key audiences, messages, and channels, and how to use tools…
January 20, 2023
Case Study Driving Opportunity with Mack Trucks Lehigh Valley Apprenticeships
Both of DeFuso’s parents worked at the plant, and DeFuso began working at the plant in 2005 after deciding that college wasn’t for her. She was working in the plant’s paint department when she decided…
January 6, 2023
Case Study Customizing a Future With Burke Architectural Millwork’s Registered Apprenticeship
With her limited knowledge and experience in the industry, VanHouten recognized that the Registered Apprenticeship program offered her a great opportunity: “I wanted something where I would feel supported and work for a company that…
January 6, 2023
Report/Research Using Universal Design for Learning for Inclusive Apprenticeships
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a way of organizing learning environments to accommodate people with a wide array of learning preferences, needs, and ways of expressing and receiving information and demonstrating competency. This brief…
December 5, 2022