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Project Increasing College Access Network
Increasing College Access Network (ICAN) redefines online dual enrollment by combining the power of social-emotional learning, community partnership, instructor preparation, and intentional recruitment to improve student outcomes and provide students an opportunity to engage in…
October 13, 2023
Report/Research Using Data to Advance Equitable Change: An Intermediary’s Guide to Measuring for Equity
Intermediaries work to improve, vertically align, and systematize the components of career pathways. They are also crucial actors in centering racial equity within pathways work—as advocates, designers, and accountability partners. In these roles intermediaries analyze…
August 29, 2023
Project Building Equitable Pathways
Building Equitable Pathways is a community of practice working to create equitable pathways systems so that more Black and Latinx youth and young people experiencing poverty succeed in college and their future careers. Building Equitable…
July 22, 2023
Report/Research The Language of Racial Economic Equity
At Jobs for the Future, we believe that language matters to our mission of driving equitable economic advancement for all. The words we use every day can perpetuate and exacerbate inequality, but they can also…
July 17, 2023
Report/Research Data Enablers: Critical Conditions to Design, Deliver, and Evaluate Equitable Pathways
Data is essential to proving the efficacy of an intervention, demonstrating the need for a new approach, or simply understanding how our individual efforts add up to systems-level trends. In their work designing and advocating…
June 5, 2023
Report/Research Opportunity Zones and Registered Apprenticeship
This fact sheet provides an overview of Registered Apprenticeships in Opportunity Zones, including strategies, best practices, and resources for expanding programs in these areas. The 2017 federal tax legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,…
May 15, 2023
Project Student Success Center Network (SSCN)
This national network scales proven practices to help more than 4.5 million students earn credentials that lead to well paying jobs. Nearly half of U.S. community colleges are connected to the Student Success Center Network.…
April 18, 2023
Report/Research Professional Social Capital: A Key to Black Economic Advancement
This framework provides a set of recommendations for postsecondary institutions and employers to support Black learners and workers to build professional social capital. It expands on a related JFF market scan that maps the landscape…
February 23, 2023
Tool State Policy Assessment Tool for Building Equitable Pathways
JFF and the Building Equitable Pathways (BEP) Policy and Advocacy strand created an assessment tool that members of the BEP community of practice and organizations throughout the field can use to review existing and proposed…
February 9, 2023