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Tech-Enabled: Using New Tools to Build Better Organizations

Tech-Enabled: Using New Tools to Build Better Organizations

December 20, 2019

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Future-Focused Workforce Board Behaviors | Future Workforce boards that embrace the use of new tools and technologies can improve service delivery and increase equity and access within their communities.

Josh Copus Senior Director
Practices & Centers
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Technology drives many of the ways we interact with and interpret the world around us. It enables us to be more efficient, more connected, and more informed. Without technology, workforce boards are likely to find themselves struggling to connect with and effectively meet the needs of jobseekers and businesses that increasingly demand customized, responsive service. As integration of innovative new technologies into service delivery increases across the public workforce system, it’s crucial that we learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and how workforce boards are using these systems to improve not just operations, but the customer experience as well.

A tech-enabled approach to providing services is one of four future-focused behaviors identified by AWAKE, an initiative at JFFLabs that scans the workforce market and system to call attention to how workforce boards and professionals are evolving and adapting with advances in technology and data. These behaviors were vetted by a diverse group of workforce professionals from across the country to ensure they are reflective of the core characteristics, priorities, and commitments needed to prepare and transform America’s workforce system to ensure all workers and learners succeed.

Tech-Enabled: Using New Tools to Build Better Organizations

Future-focused workforce boards continually identify and embrace new technologies. They adopt and adapt new tools and techniques to ensure that their operations are efficient and effective.

No two workforce development boards are the same, and they know little about the technologies, tools, and tactics that others are using. The lack of a comprehensive knowledge exchange across the workforce system is limiting the uptake of new tools and technologies.
Some workforce boards are applying new tools and technologies to improve their business processes, increase organizational efficiency, and enhance experiences for their customers.
Workforce boards that gain greater insight into technologies that are effective and then make targeted investments to improve information sharing can learn from and apply one another’s solutions and avoid costly technology pitfalls.


Featured Stories

Organizations that are tech-enabled, or are striving to become so, continually try to improve the way they do business. By testing and integrating tools and solutions that streamline operations and services and make it easier for everyone to access the workforce system, they are redefining success for their organizations, their communities, and the people they interact with every day.

“Technology is the accelerant for the change we’re hoping to inspire not because technology is the transformation, but because it opens up an expanded conversation and appreciation for what’s possible today and could be possible tomorrow.”

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