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Putting Students in the Driver's Seat: Good Shepherd Services' LifeLink Approach to Postsecondary Success

May 11, 2018

At a Glance

LifeLink is an innovative college bridge and retention program that provides an efficient and centralized opportunity for New York City students who have struggled in school or dropped out altogether.

LifeLink is an innovative college bridge and retention program, developed and run by Good Shepherd Services, a nonprofit community agency providing youth development, education, and family services. Good Shepherd Services partners with the New York City Department of Education to help students who have struggled in school, or who have dropped out altogether, to graduate.

LifeLink provides an efficient, centralized postsecondary bridging and support opportunity to students from across Good Shepherd Services’ schools and programs. Through just two sites—one in Brooklyn and one in the Bronx—LifeLink enables graduates from any of the organization’s schools and programs to transition into and complete college.

This guide provides an overview of the LifeLink program for educators and community leaders seeking to improve postsecondary outcomes for off-track and out-of-school youth.

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