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New Directions For Community Colleges: Student Success Center Network

March 17, 2023

At a Glance

Access resources about the Student Success Center Network (SSCN) and the work numerous Centers are taking to address policies in community colleges that pertain to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and brainstorming solutions to close the socioeconomic equity gap through coaching, onramp supports, and networking. In collaboration with Wiley, we can share resources about the SSCN in their online library.

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About the Network

The Student Success Center Network (SSCN) is a partnership of 17 statewide Student Success Centers dedicated to advancing economic advancement and racial justice by dramatically and equitably increasing the number of students earning postsecondary credentials with value in the labor market.

Managed by Jobs for the Future (JFF) for over 10 years, the Network reaches 4.5 million students through engagement with nearly half of all community colleges in the United States to develop, implement, and scale student success strategies.

Each of the 17 Centers leads state-wide initiatives with community colleges in their state to increase student completion rates, close equity gaps, and strengthen communities. You can read more about the history, impact, and future of the SSCN in New Directions for Community Colleges: The student success center network provides national infrastructure for supporting and scaling reform.